Internet Marketing, SEO, and Social Media Class at Stanford - San Francisco Bay Area - Winter, 2013

Marketing Without Money!

Internet Marketing Course - San Francisco Bay Area

No matter how crucial it may be for the success of your product, marketing seldom receives the full funding that marketing managers think is necessary. This hands-on course will teach you the secrets of marketing without money—think of it as “creating buzz without bucks.” For entrepreneurs or marketing managers, there are strategies to build awareness, programs to generate trial, and activities to involve early users in the building of your business—all with little or no cost. Marketing on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yelp, and other sites can combine the power of free on the Internet with the viral dynamics of Web 2.0 promotion. Email marketing and traditional SEO (search engine optimization) can also be part of the mix. Therefore a complete understanding of variations on the newer “free” business and marketing models is critical. Using case studies of successful companies, we will investigate their use of free marketing opportunities and their best practices so you can develop action plans for your own situation.

NOTE: This course begins January, 2014.

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