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Jason McDonald
Expert Consulting

I do consulting with you, and not for you.
SEO Expert San Francisco

Search Engine Optimization

I can help you get to the top of Google & Bing.
Social Media Consulting

Social Media Marketing

I can explain how to market on Facebook, LinkedIn & the gang.
AdWords Consulting

AdWords & Online Advertising

AdWords is like alcohol;
I will help you drink responsibly.
SEO Expert Witness

Expert Witness

I have deposition and trial experience, plus research skills.


My name is Jason McDonald, I am based in San Francisco, and I am an expert in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube & the gang), and Google Ads / AdWords! My consulting methodology is “hands on,” working with my clients (not for my clients) to produce measurable results, whether that’s getting your company to the top of Google, setting up and managing an on-going Facebook campaign, or (gasp!) paying money to advertise on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or even YouTube. If it has to do with Internet marketing, I’m your man.

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SEO Consultant

SEO Expert, San Francisco Working primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area, but with clients from around the world, I can help your company get to the top of Google and Bing via search engine optimization consulting. Yes, Sergey & Larry, I am an SEO expert. Learn more.

Social Media Marketing Expert

Social Media Consulting, San Francisco, CaliforniaFrom my perch in San Francisco (but also in Oakland, Marin and even San Jose or other Bay Area cities), I look out at the world of Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing and even LinkedIn, Pinterest or YouTube. Yes, Cole Sear, I see marketing opportunities where others see confusion. I can also help with advertising on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Learn more.

Google Ads Consulting & Expertise

San Francisco Bay Area AdWords ConsultingAdWords (now called Google Ads) is like alcohol (and so is advertising on Facebook, YouTube, or LinkedIn), but I’ll help you drink responsibly. Yes, Mr. Po-Po, I can be your designated AdWords driver (or AdWords certified expert consultant). Learn more.

Expert Witness

SEO, AdWords, and Social Media Expert WitnessNeed an expert witness who can explain SEO, AdWords, or Social Media to a judge or jury? With deposition and litigation experience, I can serve as an SEO expert witness, Google Ads expert witness or social media expert witness. Yes, Mr. Judge & Jury, let me draw your attention to this pixel. Oh, and if you’re not so litigious, I can be your next SEO speaker or speaker on social media marketing. #corporateworkshops. Yes, I love doing corporate workshops in SEO, social media marketing, and/or online advertising (PPC).

Got Questions? Need Answers?

Want to talk? CALL +1-415-655-1071, or peruse this action-packed website to  LEARN MORE or, SEND ME AN EMAIL. I also accept telepathic messages (standard telepathic messaging rates apply). Most people find it more effective to just set up a consultation on their SEO, AdWords or Social Media Marketing, but hey – if you’re telepathic – go for it. If you’re in San Francisco or elsewhere in the Bay Area, there is the remote possibility of a face-to-face meeting. That said, it’s just as easy to talk on the phone and look at the Web together using Zoom. Why meet in person in San Francisco or elsewhere in the Bay Area, when we can discuss your expert consulting needs via pixels and the TCP/IP protocol?

The Proof of the Pudding (is in the Eating)

Don’t believe I’m the best, most amazing SEO expert in San Francisco? Can’t imagine that I’m a top-rated social media consultant in SF? Don’t believe I can ‘play the game of SEO’ (and win)? Click here, and I’ll show you (note who shows up on the top of Google), or click here to read my reviews on Google My Business, or click here to read reviews of my books. Don’t believe I have a sense of humor? Check me out on YouTube or follow me on Twitter.

Consulting Philosophy

Jason McDonald - AdWords Certified Consultant

My philosophy is based on the concept of doing Internet marketing with you and not for you. My model is to teach you (or your staff) how to use SEO to dominate Google or Bing, how to engage in effective social media marketing such as Facebook marketing or Twitter marketing, and even (gasp!) how to use Google AdWords, both the search and display networks, to position your company in front of customers. I strive to be one of the best SEO consultants in San Francisco, but I engage in consulting not only in the San Francisco Bay Area but with companies all over California (including Oakland and San Jose), the USA and Canada. Unlike many SEO consultants, I empower my clients by guiding them as an expert coach. It doesn’t matter where you are – what matters is that you want to succeed, and are looking for a top-rated SEO / Social Media / AdWords consultant to help.

My Books

I publish the Marketing Almanac compilations of free tools for Internet marketing used in my consulting business as well as my corporate training and workshops, as well as workbooks on these topics. To view all my books, check out the Jason McDonald author profile on Amazon. Here are some highlights –

  • Social Media Marketing Book – an overview to social media marketing with deep dives into Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and more.
  • Google Ads (AdWords) Book – my latest book on secrets, tips, and gotchas in Google Ads (formerly, Google AdWords).
  • SEO Book, a ‘how to’ book on search engine optimization
  • The Password Book – my book, dedicated to my 80-year-old parents, explaining the in’s and out’s of Internet security “best practices.”

My Blog(s), My Press Release(s), My So-called Life

San Francisco Training Classes & Courses

I teach online SEO training for Stanford University Continuing Studies, and I teach in real life, here in the San Francisco Bay Area again at Stanford. I also engage in corporate workshops and speaking on topics of Internet marketing import. Here are some links for you (and for Google):

Contact Information

1230 Market Street #709
San Francisco, CA 94102
Tel. 415-655-1071
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