SEO Certification Test (Informal) – Do You Really Know SEO? I Mean Really?

I teach SEO both in the real-world at the fabulous AcademyX, home of SEO Training Class in San Francisco, and online for the JM Internet Group. So whether you are one of my online students, a student from my real-world SEO classes in San Francisco, or a potential student, this page gives you a test of getting SEO certified, informally, through my class. It’s informal, but if you can do well on this test you at least grasp the basics of SEO. And you therefore deserve Certification in SEO.

By Jason McDonald
Senior SEO Instructor – JM Internet Group.
Posted: February 21, 2010


SEO Certification
The SEO Exam
Getting Feedback

SEO Certification

I am not a huge believer in certification, since I have a Ph.D. from the University of California and a B.A. from Harvard. I learned a lot at both places, and my mom has some fancy diplomas on my wall back in Tulsa, Oklahoma. (Hey, SEO shout out to SEO Training in Tulsa Oklahoma!) But the papers on the wall are worth less than the knowledge in my head, and I could have probably done just as well at the University of Oklahoma or University of Texas. (Hey, SEO shout out to SEO Training in Dallas, Texas!)

That said, many of my San Francisco SEO students as well as my online SEO students, have asked for feedback about what they have learned in the course and more effective ways to internalize the knowledge about SEO. So, I thought, how about an exam. And even better how about a public exam, so that – over time – I could track the community’s thoughts and we could poll the audience.

So here is my promise to you.

  • Paying students – either from AcademyX or from the online JM Internet Group – if you take the test, email me and I will personally grade your exam and return to you in PDF format. For JM Internet Group students, I will also provide an SEO Certificate.
  • Non-Paying Students – take the exam, and email me. I will email you your exam in PDF format and you can compare / contrast with the answer key below. (Self-grade).

The SEO Exam

I teach SEO in segments or modules, so I have divided the exam into 15 minute modules. Simply click on a link below to begin. If you’ve already taken one exam, you will be returned here to take the next module. That way, you can span your test out over a few days or weeks, depending on how you progress.

Here they are:

Getting Feedback on your SEO Certification

Answer Key
Here is an ‘answer key’ for each topic:

Once you are done with the exam, be sure to email me so I know to grade your exam. I will send you your answers and you can compare / contrast with my answers via PDF. And if you want SEO certification, just indicate on the last metrics exam and I will create a PDF certificate from me. It’s very informal, but it does show that at least you took an exam of sorts and are on the path towards becoming the SEO guru that we both know you truly are.

I love my students, each and every one of you. So don’t hesitate if you have questions to email me with any questions or issues you have about SEO or SEO Certification. Did I mention SEO Certification? (Another SEO Shout Out to SEO Certification; I am trying to get this page up there in Google on SEO Certification, so throw me a link out there with the correct syntax and those keywords: SEO Certification. I’ll write you a very nice letter of recommendation, if you do.) 😉

Free Press Release Distribution and SEO: Youtube Video Announced

Fremont, CA – February 10, 2010 – News is one of the best SEO opportunities, especially as Google, Yahoo, and Bing migrate to what is called real-time search. Each search engine is hungry for new and fresh content, and clearly rewards websites that update frequently with news and blog entries. Beyond that, an entire new ecosystem is emerging of free press release distribution services. Unfortunately, however, most business owners and marketers do not understand the value of news, nor how to submit their news to these new free services.

Jason McDonald, a leading expert in SEO Training, has just announced his latest ‘Get SEO Fit’ Youtube Video on ‘Free Press Release Distribution.’ The Youtube series is designed to provide quick how-to introductions for busy marketers and other professionals to learn SEO at their own pace via Youtube.

The blog post and Youtube video can be found at:

Why Free Press Release Distribution Matters for SEO

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Or, go to My Youtube Channel!

"News matters!" said Jason McDonald, SEO Director of the JM Internet Group, "All the major search engines are moving to ‘real-time’ and ‘blended’ search, and therefore you get a great benefit by churning out valuable news. The question is how to create news on your website, and after you have posted the news release to your website, how to submit it to the free press release distribution services."

What are the steps to creating a great news release? First, identify something that you or your company has done that is new and exciting. It could be a new product, a new technology, your attendance at a trade show or event, even commentary on industry trends. Partnerships with other companies are also a great opportunity. Second, post the news release to your own website in the proper format. That means having an effective headline (your TITLE tag), an effective first paragraph (your META DESCRIPTION tag), and effective copy (weaving your TARGET KEYWORD throughout the news release). Third, go to one or several of the free press release websites, sign up for your free account and submit your news.

The new Youtube series, ‘Get SEO Fit,’ focuses on topics useful for marketers and business owners. How to post a successful news release is one of the appropriate topics in the series.

Press Release Syndication: The Buzz Effect

In the video, Dr. McDonald explains not only how to get your news picked up by the search engines but the main benefits from having them do so. Once your news is submitted, it will generally be picked up by Google and the other search engines within a few days. At that point, log on to and search for your press release by exact title. Then narrow down your search by some of your target keywords. If you have done your work right, you will see lots of replication of your news across the web. This has three benefits. First, readers read your news and click directly to your website. Second, Google interprets all these incoming links as ‘votes’ for your website and may boost your PageRank as a result. And third, creating buzz and activity around your website tells Google that your site is fresh and spurs re-indexing of your content.

To see an example of buzz, Google the phrase ‘Google Keyword Training’ and see the replication of the JM Internet Group’s recent release of the February SEO Training schedule.

Free press release distribution is win, win, win for SEO. So go out and make some news!

News Releases

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