San Francisco SEO Consultant, Jason McDonald Announces Blog Post on Technical Website Issues on Amazon Blog

San Francisco, CA – July 30, 2013 – Jason McDonald, a top San Francisco SEO Consultant, is proud to announce that he has had a blog post accepted for publication on Amazon’s blog. The new blog post is entitled, “How Technical Website Design Can Hurt, or Help, Good SEO and was published on July 19, 2013.

“I am a big reader of tech books via Amazon,” explained Dr. McDonald. “And so I was really excited to write a blog post for computer techies explaining the do’s and don’t’s of technical website design from an SEO perspective. This is an area where technical website designers can do a lot of harm or a lot of help to a company’s SEO strategy.”

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Due to some of the unfortunate divisions of history, website design has been split among three camps: the technical, programming camp (programmers who make websites run, this is where you’d learn all about what is user flow, a great tool when wanting an effective and responsive website in the planning stage), the web design camp (designers who make websites pretty), and the SEO camp (magicians who make websites popular). All three of these factors are crucial in the creation of a successful website, and having a great website design is very beneficial for you business. Website design is especially crucial in an industry such as dentistry. Thankfully, The SEO Dentist Websites offer professional website designs for dentists with SEO in mind, and they may be worth checking out should you be in need of a website design for dentists. However, there are many SEO agencies that only work in specific niches in order to understand their client’s business as best as possible, an example of this is marijuana seo, a company that only provides SEO services for marijuana-based businesses. Technical Website Design and SEO - Blog Post by Jason McDonald, SEO Consultant

The main points missed by technical website designers are that Google codes like it’s 1999, still giving quite a bit of SEO favor to older techniques like header tags and clickable, standard HTML links vs. newer tactics like CSS / Stylesheets or Javascript. Some good news comes with HTML5, which is better than Adobe Flash for SEO, yet backwards compatible to older HTML including the Google codebase.

To learn more about these points, the reader is referred to the blog post on Amazon’s blog.


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