WordPress SEO Transition Completed, Announces Jason McDonald Consulting

San Francisco, CA – July 23, 2014 – Jason McDonald (https://www.jasonmcdonald.org), a top SEO expert, is proud to announce the successful transition of his SEO, Social Media, and AdWords consulting website to the WordPress platform. The new website will further facilitate his growth as one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s top consultants and experts in search engine optimization, AdWords, and Social Media Marketing.

“WordPress is the preferred platform for small business websites these days,” explained Dr. McDonald. “I recommend to all my clients that they use WordPress and install the Yoast plug-in. With some keyword knowledge, good content, and link building, they are on their road to SEO success.”

WordPress SEO

To view the new site focusing on SEO consulting in San Francisco, please visit https://www.jasonmcdonald.org/ – there one will find information on SEO consulting, social media, and AdWords.

Consulting Services in San Francisco

Many San Francisco businesses from restaurants to bars to chiropractors to dentists to lawyers rely on inbound marketing from sites such as Bing, Google, Yelp or Google+ Local. Customers, especially in a tech-savvy city like San Francisco, often turn first to a Google or Yelp search to find the ‘best’ chiropractor or the ‘best’ Chinese restaurant in the Castro district. Businesses need services to optimize their websites so that customers can easily find them.

One of the best platforms for both SEO and social media is WordPress. The platform allows for easy customization, and makes it easy for non-techies to blog, and create content. With some training in content marketing, even a novice marketer or business owner can effectively optimize their on page issues. Then with some link building and social media marketing, the company can move to the next level: off page optimization.


Dr. Jason McDonald is a recognized SEO and Social Media expert consultant in based in the San Francisco Bay Area / Silicon Valley. Dr. McDonald received his Ph.D. from the University of California in 1992, and has worked at many hi-tech start up’s in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition, Dr. McDonald is Senior Editor at eg3.com, a web portal and email service covering hi-tech embedded systems on the Internet, founded in 1994. Recently, Dr. McDonald has begun teaching marketing, market research and Internet marketing at Bay Area institutions such as AcademyX and DeVry University.

Dr. McDonald can be found on the Internet at https://www.jasonmcdonald.org, a website focused on search engine marketing, SEO, and other Internet marketing issues with in-depth free information on SEO, Page Tags, Google Analytics, Metrics, Link building, Free SEO Tools and more. He can also be contacted by telephone at +1-415-655-1071 or email, jasonmcdonald.blog@gmail.com.

Personal Branding and Reputation Management: New Stanford Course

I will be teaching a very exciting, new course at Stanford Continuing Studies this Fall: “The Brand Called You: Personal Branding and Reputation Management.” The origins of the course lay in the many, many requests I get these days from high-profile individuals for “reputation management” as well as from marketers, business owners, and job-seekers who want to project a positive brand image on the Internet, or even “thought leadership” in a topic. A course like this could really make you stand out to employers all over the country, and you could end up working for a blog like Oregon Web Solutions Marketing Blog.
Tragically, many people do not worry about their personal brand until it’s too late: until a malicious attacker attempts to damage their online reputation. This could be similar to a business who uses invoicing incorrectly, it could also cause a bad reputation thus affecting a person’s business, however, for those who find themselves in this kind of predicament a simple invoice template could help them keep track of their clients and other types of important information that could save their reputation.

San Francisco Bay Area - Personal Branding CourseIf you are a business owner, marketer, or a job-seeker, this two-day crash course at Stanford will be a solid introduction to personal branding and reputation management. Course dates will be November 8 and 9 at Stanford. To sign up, visit Stanford Continuing Studies, and make sure to be on their mailing list for the Fall catalog. If you don’t live in the San Francisco Bay Area and/or can’t make it to Palo Alto for the class, there is unfortunately no online equivalent; but feel free to reach out to me for any consulting needs. If you’d prefer to simply hire a reputation management company to help you, there are plenty available who specialise in different industries for example reputation management for doctors.

Syllabus for Personal Branding and Reputation Management

In today’s Internet age, it’s no secret that everyone Googles everything, including potential spouses, hires, friends, nannies and any other personal contacts. In this intensive two-day workshop, we will explore personal branding on the Internet as well as reputation management, the former being positive things to do to create a personal brand and the latter being strategies to deal with negative attacks on your brand. Our goal for the workshop is to create a personal branding plan.

Course Syllabus / Outline

Day One: 10-4 pm Stanford University

Personal Branding. What is personal branding? What is reputation management? Defining your personal brand – from a person looking for a job or building a career, to a small business owner, to the CEO or other highly visible representative of a non-profit or corporation.

Google Thyself. Understanding how Google and search engines work. A “crash course” in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Creating a list of sites to launch to dominate the “ten blue links” that define your online search results.

Your Website or Blog. Creating a foundational website or blog for personal branding. Using WordPress or Blogger, and choosing a domain. Creating anchor pages, as well as learning how to blog around your keywords and personal brand goals.

Social Media and Personal Branding. Setting up and using Twitter, YouTube and Google+ effectively. Using LinkedIn as a central point for personal branding online: building a strong profile, growing connections, and researching and reaching out to connections for personal brand purposes.

Day Two: 10-4 pm Stanford University

Amazon and Personal Branding. How to review books online and repurpose that content. Self-publishing books via Creatspace or KDP, and setting up an author page as well as listmanias on Amazon.

Link-Building and Social Mentions. Using “off page” SEO tactics to boost your chosen sites to the top of Google and Bing. Identifying link targets and soliciting links, and social mentions.

Press releases and Personal Brand Management. Creating your first press release.

Reputation Management. Monitoring your personal brand online using Google Alerts and canned search technology. Crowding out the possibility for negative attacks, and even using “dark” tactics against attacking websites or bloggers.

Creating a Personal Branding Plan. Creating a personal branding plan, and building the foundation. Constructing a monthly and weekly rhythm to enhance your brand.

Course Grading Options

No grade requested. Just show up for class.

Credit. Take and successfully pass a short online exam on personal branding concepts learned in class, no later than one week after class date. Participate in class discussion.

Letter Grade. Take and successfully pass a short online exam on personal branding concepts learned in class, no later than one week after class date. Participate in class discussion. Submit a one page OUTLINE of your personal branding plan, no later than one week after class date.

Course Readings

Students are strongly encouraged to read “The Brand Called You” by Tom Peters, available online at http://www.fastcompany.com/28905/brand-called-you. Additional readings and resources will be made available at class.

Custom Post-it Note Pad Coupons – Our Coupons vs. Their Coupons

(I am working with a client on how to blog, and this blog post is a good example of a keyword-heavy, SEO-friendly blog post about a topic that matters to them).

Marketing today is a challenge. There is so much noise out there – everyone is shouting and everyone all the time. One of the more interesting marketing concepts is to have fun give-aways, of which custom post-it note pads is a great idea. The concept is people come to your office (maybe you’re an attorney or a CPA), and you want to give that potential customer something to remember you by… The marketing idea being when they are back at their own office, they will see your logo on your custom post-it note pad and remember you. Staying “top of mind” is a critical part of marketing.

Why Coupons are Not Always a Great Idea

Custom Post-it Note Pad CouponsEveryone today, however, is on a budget. They are looking for low cost ways to market themselves. So people search Google for things like ‘Custom Post-it Note Pad Coupons‘ seeking the best deal. Here are a number of reasons why coupons may not be such a great idea.

  1. Coupons are a hassle. You have to remember them, and you have to redeem them (even online). However, some websites such as Honey and Deals4Boomers automatically apply coupons to your basket, if they do work on that site of course!
  2. Coupons are often bait-and-switch. Retailers use coupons to bring you into their website or their store, at a low low price, but then over time you find that their price for an item (such as a custom post-it note pad), is actually higher.
  3. Coupons often expire, so by the time you remember to use them, they’re dead and the whole process is just a hassle. So if you decide to get coupons make sure they are the latest online codes.

Finally, remember that your time is money, too, and in business it is often important to work with a business partner that is high quality and efficient.

Why BaslerCo Inc is a Good Choice

We do not offer coupons, because we feel it is more important to offer everday low prices and even more important, high quality customer service for our business partners. So if you are looking for custom post-it note pad coupons, you might remember that your time is money, and by working with us, you’ll save time (which is money) and you’ll have a very high quality outcome. Just email us or call us for a free quote.

GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress: Will it be Good?

As those who follow me may know, I have transitioned this website to WordPress. WWordPress and SEOordPress, of course, is really one of the very best platforms (CMS systems) for managing a website, and it is especially good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I just purchased an ‘upgrade’ to GoDaddy’s managed WordPress hosting.

The concept being that this is their top-of-the-line, fastest and greatest hosting package for WordPress. Hmmmm… Will it be fast? Will it be reliable? Will it be stable? Only time will tell.  My reasoning was that WordPress is on the slow side (vs. a traditional website), and speed is important both for users and for Google / Bing / SEO.

So we’ll see.  Today I am just trying out a test post here to see if WordPress works on the new platform and if everything hums along. Fingers crossed.

Social Media Class, San Francisco – Something New from San Francisco State

San Francisco State University now offers a really interesting Professional Development Certificate in Social Media. I’m all for learning, and all for practicality.  My courses, offered at BAVC and at AcademyX, are one- or two-day “crash courses” designed for busy business and marketing professionals. The SFSU course, in contrast, is a more in-depth, more “academic” look at social media marketing. According to its literature:

The Social Media Marketing (SMM) program is designed to provide participants with a foundation and skill set in social media marketing, so they can develop successful social media marketing strategies and implement effective and engaging social media marketing campaigns. Participants will be able to immediately apply their newly-learned skills both to workplace and personal endeavors, and build networks for future collaboration.


Social Media San Francisco: Don’t Forget the SEO Please!

San Francisco SEOAs is so often the case, the course is not really well-promoted on the Internet (ironic, no?), nor are the teachers very visible on Google searches (ironic, no?). I think a lot of that comes from a more academic, more social media background. With my roots in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I always emphasize that SEO and Social Media are not either / or’s but boths. So my one big criticism of the program is its lack of focus on search engine optimization. But let a hundred flowers bloom!  Let all knowledge find its adherents! If you have the time and the inclination for a longer term, in-depth look at social media marketing in San Francisco (or elsewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area – there’s BART, remember?), take a look at their program, here.