Personal Branding Workshop at Stanford Continuing Studies, Announced by Jason McDonald

San Francisco, CA – October 29, 2014 – Jason McDonald (, a top Social Media expert, is proud to announce his latest social media workshop coming up at Stanford Continuing Studies on November 8th and 9th on the topic of Personal Branding. Personal branding is the art and science of defining, creating, promoting and protecting a positive brand image on the Internet for oneself or a major public figure of a corporation or non-profit organization. Jason McDonald’s latest class is a two-day intensive workshop at Stanford University’s Continuing Studies program.

“Personal branding is an issue that has become more important than ever – not just for job-seekers, but for anyone with a professional or technical resume. This includes Chief Executive Officers of both businesses and non-profits,” explained Dr. McDonald. “My upcoming course at Stanford Continuing Studies will dive into the topic of personal branding, using SEO and Social Media Marketing to help individuals improve their brand.”

Personal Branding WorkshopTo find out more about Jason McDonald, including his upcoming San Francisco Bay Area class in personal branding, one should visit Рthere one will find information on SEO consulting, social media marketing, and AdWords. Interested parties in the personal branding class can message Jason for more details, or visit the Stanford Continuing Studies website directly at

SEO and Personal Branding

SEO is the art and science of getting to the top of Google and Bing free listings. On page SEO refers to the use of content, keywords, and HTML tag structure to communicate to search engines the priorities of one’s website. Off page SEO refers to the use of links, freshness, and social mentions to confirm to Google and Bing the importance of one’s site. Heretofore, most efforts in SEO have focused on companies, non-profits, goods, and services, but in today’s society one’s personal brand is increasingly important. Authors, for example, attempt to project a positive brand image to sell books, while CEOs often attempt to project a positive personal brand image to confirm that they and their companies are important. Even marketing managers need to pay attention to Google / Bing searches and how those personalized searches reflect on their company and employees. Indeed, the dark side of SEO is negative SEO: personal branding can be impacted by negative attacks by competitors, hostile customers, and even false accusations. In the free-for-all of today’s Internet, anyone who is public needs to pay attention to both the positive and negative aspects of SEO and personal branding.¬† Finally, the use of social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn can have a positive impact on personal branding not just on search but throughout social media.

This new workshop will explore this issues in depth in two information-packed days at Stanford University.


Dr. Jason McDonald is a recognized SEO and Social Media expert consultant in based in the San Francisco Bay Area / Silicon Valley. Dr. McDonald received his Ph.D. from the University of California in 1992, and has worked at many hi-tech start up’s in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition, Dr. McDonald is Senior Editor at, a web portal and email service covering hi-tech embedded systems on the Internet, founded in 1994. Recently, Dr. McDonald has begun teaching marketing, market research and Internet marketing at Bay Area institutions such as AcademyX and DeVry University.

Dr. McDonald can be found on the Internet at, a website focused on search engine marketing, SEO, and other Internet marketing issues with in-depth free information on SEO, Page Tags, Google Analytics, Metrics, Link building, Free SEO Tools and more. He can also be contacted by telephone at +1-415-655-1071 or email,