Scheduling New Classes for the San Francisco Bay Area

As someone who teaches courses in search engine optimization, Google AdWords, and social media marketing – both online and in the San Francisco Bay area, I have a busy schedule! In addition, of course, I am doing consulting, and I am also busy as an expert witness in a couple lawsuits.

But, as I always tell people who take my courses, busyness is no excuse! You should set a goal of at least four blog posts per month, and I also recommend to press releases per month, and of course you need to be active on Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, Yelp, Instagram, Snapchat, and about 16 other social media networks. In your copious spare time, you should also have a schedule of upcoming events in which you are participating, and you need to update that at all times.

Updating My San Francisco Bay Area Training in SEO / Social Media / AdWords

San Francisco Bay Area TrainingSo, ha ha ha, I myself need to keep up-to-date with my classes and course schedule on my website. But, that is not always the case. So, for example, I just received an incoming call, from someone who is interested in taking my social media marketing course offered at the Bay Area video coalition. But, of course, my schedule isn’t up-to-date!

To make matters worse, I offer an online course in social media marketing, as well as an online course in such search engine optimization, and of course that isn’t up-to-date either.

So I took 10 minutes out of my busy day, and I have just updated both by search engine optimization courses, and my social media marketing courses, for both the San Francisco Bay area, and online.

So, there you go, I have updated my website, and written a blog post in all of about 15 minutes! No excuses! No prisoners! You just gotta blog!