San Francisco and Taking a (Dog) Break: Dog Parks

San Francisco is a dog-friendly city. Some thoughts about the city by the Bay and the city with the woof.

Gosh, I do a lot of computer work! Gosh, I do a lot of SEO! Gosh, I do a lot of SEO expert witness work! I need a break. Fortunately, I have my black lab, Buddy, and I have the entire San Francisco Bay Area at my paw prints. Buddy and I are always on the lookout for things to do that do not require a computer, and that will actually get us out and about, enjoying the Bay Area and the many “dog friendly” things to do in San Francisco.

Some ideas for Dogs and San Francisco

Dog Parks. Did you know that dogs outnumber children in San Francisco? That says a lot about our fair city, and it’s true. So it’s a city of Dog Parks. A favorite is the Bernal Heights Park. Another is Crissy Field. Buddy is very friendly, but let’s face it – the city has a leash law, and outside of an “official” dog park, you gotta have that dog on a leash. If you don’t and your dog does bite someone, they might get a personal injury lawyer involved because of their injuries. Leash laws are required when a dog isn’t in a dog park because not only does it protect dogs but also members of the public. Children are more likely to be victims of a dog attack because of the way they interact with a dog. They also sometimes fail to notice when the dog’s mood changes leading to such an event. There are law firms that similar to Quirk Law Group who deal with dog bite claims.

San Francisco and Dog-Friendly Things to DoOcean Beach. Another fun dog thing to do is to go to Ocean Beach. You gotta clean up after your dog, and you gotta have him on a leash. But still: the Ocean, the waves, the wind, and a dog. It don’t get no better than this.

Mitchell’s Cove Beach. Head in the car down South to the only legal dog beach in Santa Cruz. Here’s another list of dog-friendly beaches in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Strolling Around Town. OK, get that doggie poop bag, some doggie treats, and head out to some of the town’s sites. I like to go to Union Square, and “people” watch, just as they “dog watch.” Just be aware of the poopie problem, and you’ll be fine.

Dog-friendly Restaurants. Those that have outdoor seating, usually don’t mind. Especially if the dog is a good one.