Social Media Expert and Related Searches

In my copious spare time, I always have a list of potential ideas for my YouTube videos. Among them are, of course, to do videos that go with my workbooks, such as my recently published Job Search and Career Building Workbook. Those are a bit of drudgery, however, I realize as soon as I published them, that many people who read the books are overjoyed to have a visual step-by-step guide to one of the two dues listed in the book.

Using Google Related Searches for Blogging (and Social Media)

Among my ideas for a YouTube video, which I think would be really useful, for people is how to use Google related searches as a way to create blog¬†ideas. For example, here I am, writing a blog post about the keyword phrase, social media expert. Let’s be shameless. I want to appear at the top of searches for Bay Area social media expert, or San Francisco social media expert. And, in fact, I do.

One of the tactics that I use to do this is to frequently post articles to my blog that use those keywords, and hopefully are actually useful as well to humans reading the post. Now, let’s return, to the use of related searches. If you go to Google and you type in social media expert, you can then scroll to the bottom of the page and see a notation that says searches related to social media expert. In fact,¬†here’s a screenshot:


Social Media Expert


Notice, for example, that one of the phrases is how to become a social media expert. Now, this, is not one of my targets, as I do a lot of consulting. But, for people who are interested in taking my classes, this is certainly relevant. So as you look at the related searches, brainstorm a bit what does this search actually mean. What is in the mind of the searcher? So if someone types in how to become a social media expert, they are obviously not looking to hire one, but to become one.

Similarly, take a look at the phrase social media consultant. Here, we are looking at a phrase which implicitly means that the person wants to hire someone, as opposed to become someone. These are my people! Finally, take a look at the search phrase social media expert Instagram. This is what is called a longtail search, in that someone is looking for a consultant (perhaps in the Bay Area, perhaps not) that can help them with marketing via Instagram.

Not only are all of these great prompts for a good blog post. They are also indicative of target searches that may or may not be one’s customers.

Now, rather than blogging, I need to go over to YouTube and actually produce the video!

Jason McDonald, Ph.D

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