Here’s Why Content is King in SEO, Social Media & On the Internet (Generally)

Have you ever heard somebody say that “content is king on the internet?” If you’ve just began branding your company online this is one of the first things that you will hear. But what exactly does this mean?

Content Is King in San Francisco, California!

Photo credit: JeepersMedia via / CC BY

Let’s take a few minutes to dig into this topic and see just why content is so important for both SEO and Social Media.

Why Do People Browse The Internet?

First off, we need to think about why people go online in the first place. These are the people that you are hoping to sell to, so for a successful internet marketing campaign, we need to understand what drives them. A few reasons are:


  1. To keep in touch with the world.
  2. To read something interesting.
  3. To buy something interesting.
  4. To learn something new.


Good content can draw the interest of all these people, but how do we get our content in front of them? There’s a couple different ways that this is done, be it through a search engine optimization (SEO), with a shared social media post (SMM), or from an appealing sidebar ad (AdWords).


Put Your Content Where Your Money Is

Companies spend millions each year on these three things (search engine optimization (SEO), Social media marketing (SMM), and advertising campaigns (AdWords)). However, none of this means anything without good content!


With an SEO Campaign, you need content with relatable keywords to the field that your business operates in. This will help Google to index your site and place it higher in search results. So for example, if I wanted to use this article to rank as a Bay Area SEO expert on Google I could talk about an SEO conference I recently visited and post that.


For SMM (Social Media Marketing), you need impelling content that will convince people to like and share it thousands of times. Such as an article about dog parks in San Francisco, with a short video clip showing dogs running around and yipping joyously at each other.


And for AdWords, you have just seconds to catch a person’s interest before they scroll past your ad. A good ad can mean the difference between making multiple sales or making none. Think about it, would you click on an ad that did not seem interesting?


As an SEO, SMM, and AdWords consultant here in San Francisco, I spend a lot of time helping companies to design successful marketing campaigns. The only reason that these campaigns work though is because of the content. So if you want to have any presence online, content truly is king!


A static website does not make many sales, it’s the content that does. Before you start to build a name for yourself online, thing about what you have to say. What do you have to bring to the world that will make people stop and say “wow, this is something that I have to buy / participate in / donate to.” When all is said and done, you’d better make sure that the content you post online really does give this desired effect. And this is why content really is king on the internet.

Photo credit: JeepersMedia via / CC BY