You May Find There Really Aren’t Many SEO Expert Witnesses

It is a fact that there are thousands of people who describe themselves as SEO experts – and I am one of them, having been involved with SEO for over 20 years. Even so, you need to be careful because you will find that many of these “experts” have their own websites somewhere down on page 9 of Google where they will never be found. SEO Expert Witness, San Francisco, CaliforniaOnly 10% of people ever go as far as page 2 when searching for something. If you think about it logically, if they can’t get their own website on page 1 of Google what chance have you got? (For the record, feel free to check me out and see where I am on Google for searches like “San Francisco SEO Experts”). When looking for an SEO company to help you out, search terms like “Top Rated SEO Agency in Knoxville Tennessee” and see who actually comes up, rather than going to someone who’s page is on page 5 of Google.

However, when you come to a court case, an SEO expert witness is even more important. Not just an SEO expert, but an SEO expert WITNESS.

This is because litigation can get extremely difficult and is always going to be expensive. The reason that it is difficult when it comes to SEO is that there are lots of technical terms, and the average judge and juror is never going to have seen them before.

Imagine This: an SEO Expert Witness That Can Explain Stuff (Complex Stuff) to Judges and Juries

Imagine this if you will: you take your new car down to the auto repair shop for a service and the mechanic plugs in a piece of electronic equipment to see what needs to be done. He understands what the car’s computers are telling him and he can then take the appropriate spanner and make the correct adjustment so that your car runs perfectly. So far, so good.

Now imagine you ask the mechanic what the problem was and let him try to explain it to you in language that you will understand. It will be almost impossible. It’s all “high tech” stuff which he understands but would find it very difficult to explain to you. Under normal circumstances he doesn’t need to anyway. He just needs to understand it himself.

When it comes to a judge and jury in a case concerning SEO there are many technicalities that are vital to the outcome of the case. “On page optimization”. “Off page optimization”. “Rank”. “Metrics”. “Keywords”. What does all of that mean to a judge or juror? Very little, if anything at all.

This is why you need not just an SEO expert, but an SEO expert WITNESS such as myself who can take all this “high tech” stuff and explain it to a judge and jury in simple language that they can understand. Only that way can you hope to obtain a judgment in your favor.

So when you need an expert witness in a case involving SEO remember the name Jason McDonald. I am here to help.

You May Find There Really Aren’t Many SEO Expert Witnesses
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