Need a Social Media Marketing Expert Witness? I Get a Lot of Inquiries

I do get a lot of inquiries for social media expert witness services, but they fall into two camps. There are those who are looking for an expert on social media, generally, and those who are looking for an expert in social media marketing (which isn’t the same thing). Social Media Marketing Expert WitnessThe former is often a boyfriend or girlfriend who has hacked the social accounts of their estranged lover – and I don’t deal with that. And the latter is focused on a social media marketing expert witness – that is things like trademarks, for example, which I do deal with. I also am an expert in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and all the other social media platforms, though “social media marketing” is bigger than just “Facebook marketing,” and being a social media marketing expert witness is bigger than being a Facebook marketing expert witness (though both are a mouthful to say).

Of course, the majority of the population using social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram are on there for the purposes of having a chat with their Auntie Gina and finding out what young Johnnie had for his birthday, or talking to others with the same interests in a group such as cod fishing, rock climbing, knitting patterns, baseball, or any one of the thousands of other interests that people have.

Now groups are where businesses can first advertise (which is what Facebook wants them to do) or second make sales to people with that particular interest by directing them off the site (which is what Facebook doesn’t want them to do). Facebook’s sole motivation is to make money and the way they do that is through advertising. As we have been finding out recently, they also do it by taking money for access to lists and groups of people with particular interests from those who wish to influence – as in the case of reported Russian interest in a certain election, among several others.

A Lot To Learn about Social Media Marketing

Certainly, there is a lot to learn about social media if you are not on there purely for social purposes but for the purpose of influencing people to take a certain course of action. This, of course, is where many companies and organizations overstep the line, which is why attorneys come running to me for a social media marketing expert witness. Of course, businesses are well within their rights to use Instagram and other social media platforms to try and grow their brand, so that’s not an issue. For those businesses who are using social media safely to try and reach out to more people, it might be worth focusing on Instagram. That is one of the most used platforms currently, so this is where a business is likely to get more of an audience. In order to get the page started, it might be worth looking into this Ingramer review. That could help some businesses to grow their account, helping more people to find them. From there, businesses can post consistently and they should see their audience grow.

Having been working with social media for almost a quarter of a century I do know all the ins and outs, and the workings of things that go on behind the scenes. So when somebody feels that they have been taken advantage of and need a social media marketing expert witness to back up their claims in a court of law, that is why they ask for my help.

If you are in need of such help, I can appear for you at depositions or in court. Initially we can talk on Skype or by email, and I can also talk to you using Zoom video meeting, which is virtually the same as my being in your office, wherever you are. Whatever litigation problems you have regarding social media marketing, give me a call for a no obligation discussion on how I might help you as a social media marketing expert witness.