Finding SEO Classes in and around San Francisco

You’d think that “digital” San Francisco would have tons and tons of classes in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but you’d be wrong. There are many good classes in SEO, at institutions ranging from AcademyX to UC Berkeley’s Extension to the Bay Area Video Coalition, but they are not offered every week, nor even every month. SEO Classes in and around San FranciscoAs important as SEO is to many established San Francisco businesses, let alone to new startups that no one has heard of, you’d think that there would literally be at least one class per week, especially in the downtown area.

Finding a Class on Search Engine Optimization in San Francisco

Well, the classes that do exist in San Francisco (when you can find them and enroll) are top-quality. (I should know, as I have taught at AcademyX and BAVC, though I no longer teach at each reputable institution). And, the San Francisco Bay Area SEO classes taught down the road a piece at Stanford Continuing Studies are all excellent in terms of content. (I teach twice a year, winter and summer on the Stanford campus). They just aren’t offered frequently enough, and – surprisingly – many San Franciscans aren’t a) aware of just how important SEO is to their business, and/or b) they aren’t aware of where to look to find “face to face” classes in how to get a company, product, or service to the top of Google or Bing.

If you’re looking for classes on SEO in the Bay Area, check out one of these institutions, or sign up for my alert list, as I send out an alert when I am teaching on the Stanford Campus as well as when I teach online. So your options when looking for SEO classes in San Francisco are a) to look at some of the existing institutions that periodically offer them such as AcademyX, Bay Area Video Coalition, or UC Berkeley, b) to take my classes at Stanford, or c) to think out of the box. Which brings us to online courses in SEO. I also teach online courses in SEO (again, via Stanford Continuing Studies). Another options is to look at the classes offered at Udemy, (now part of LinkedIn) and a few other big providers of online classes. If you like the online environment, I also offer one-on-one coaching, so that’s an option (with, admittedly, limited availability).

You Need SEO. Just Go Find Yourself an SEO Class Near You

At any rate, SEO is something that nearly ALL businesses in San Francisco need (not to mention nonprofits or government agencies), so if you’re the marketing manager or the guy or gal put in charge of SEO, look for a class nearby, consider online training, or reach out to me for one-on-one consulting.