In the 21st Century, Digital Advertising Is It but You Might Need an Expert Witness

Advertising has long gone “digital.” Online, or digital, advertising now exceeds the total spend on non-digital in the USA. TV is still holding on, and so is trade show marketing. But everything else is digital.

Of course, you would expect TV to be right there, since so many Americans come home and sit down to watch it in the evening, and trade shows are still essential so that you can show your potential customers exactly how your new fingleferk works and what it does: there is nothing to beat seeing something advertising expert in San Francisco, California

However, not everyone is going to go to a trade show, and nobody can watch all the TV channels we have today, so if your business is advertising on a few particular channels you will miss out on all the viewers who don’t watch them.

This is why businesses are rapidly adopting online advertising since it can be attuned to the demographic that you are looking for. Furthermore, a huge proportion of the population spends a lot of time every day on their mobiles, and that is where you want to be: where your advertising is going to get not only the most views, but more importantly the most views from your target market. You could have a million viewers an hour, but if those viewers have no interest in your product you are not going to sell them anything.

This brings me to my next point, which is that, if you are an attorney engaged in a dispute over online advertising, you need to hire me as a digital advertising expert witness.

Now I have to put my hands up and say that I am NOT an expert in all the ramifications of the law. However, I AM a digital advertising expert witness because I do understand all the “in’s and out’s” of advertising online, and it is not as straightforward as you might think, by any manner of means.


Better still, I understand all the jargon. Yes, with almost everything today there is a lot of jargon, and it is there for the sole reason of confusing the majority of people so that those who do understand it can make money from those who don’t. Just as a very simple example, take the computer industry. Today, most of us know we have to “boot up” our laptops. But why? Why didn’t they just say “switch it on”? In order to confuse. You don’t “boot up” your kettle, do you? Boot it up? Kick it into life??

Yet, jargon is where we are. And it applies to advertising online as much as anything else. So if you need a digital advertising expert witness, I’m your man.

(I also know that I have to boot up my laptop).