I Am Both an SEO Expert and an SEO Expert Witness

Search Engine Optimization often goes by its acronym SEO. What it means is getting a company or topic to the top of search engines, primarily Google. Jason McDonald – an SEO expert witnessThis is where you want to be. At the top of the first page of Google.


Because if you can get your business/non-profit/school/whatever to the top of Google, that is where you will get the most clicks on your link. In fact, here’s something many people don’t know: 50% of ALL clicks go to the first three spots at the top of Google.

Want the bad news?

Only 10% of people go beyond the first page of Google, so if you are buried somewhere on page 8, nobody is going to find you.

The good news is that getting to the top of Google is free. However, more bad news is that getting there is very difficult, and this is where SEO – Search Engine Optimization – comes in. Quite simply, that means ensuring that your website – optimizing it – is exactly the way Google wants to see it and then you will be rewarded for your efforts. But SEO is not simple.

I do SEO as an SEO consultant here in San Francisco, which means looking at your website piece by piece and changing everything so that it makes Google happy. It also means getting backlinks. Those are when other websites link to your website because that makes it look more important to Google if other people say your stuff is good.

So far, so good. Even though not simple.

I Am Also An SEO Expert Witness

So not only do I carry out SEO as a consultant, but I also offer my services to the legal community when they are looking for an expert witness for search engine optimization. Why would they want one of those?

Well it’s because when people advertise online, they can easily upset other advertisers by making false claims, trademark infringements, and more. This gets other advertisers upset so they go find an attorney.

But attorneys don’t understand SEO. They can see that there is, say, a trademark infringement, so they issue a lawsuit. But they don’t understand how to explain all this “SEO” business to a lawyer, to other attorneys in court, or to a jury, who also don’t understand it, in simple words that anyone can understand. As an expert witness for search engine optimization, I know how to do that. Translate all the jargon into words that a five-year-old can make sense of.

So if you are on the receiving end of a lawsuit for any sort of online advertising, or if somebody has, perhaps, infringed YOUR trademark and you need to sue them, and you need an expert witness for search engine optimization, then I’m your man.