If You Need a Google Ads Expert Witness in Court, I Can Help

More and more online, the trend is towards paid advertising. Sure you can get your website to the top of Google for free – provided you can deal with some very complicated SEO – but Google, Facebook, Instagram, and all the rest, have figured out how to get most businesses to pay to play. An expert witness for Google Ads disputes.Let’s face it: they would far rather you pay them money than give you something for nothing.

However, this is where the problems can start and when the lawsuits start flying, because one business can tread on the toes of another business in the course of advertising. It may be totally accidental or it could be deliberate, but businesses may become involved in trademark infringement or they may make claims which another business thinks are dishonest or perhaps will damage their own business, and so somebody somewhere calls the lawyers.

The Lawyers Love It

Lawyers, of course, love it. They are very happy bunnies because they can charge huge fees for prosecuting these cases, and the same goes for defending them. The simple truth is that, no matter which side wins in court, the lawyers always win. The more people they can sue, the more they like it.

However, with online advertising comes a problem, and that is all the jargon that is involved. This happens a lot with all sorts of things, of course. If a case involves a medical problem, the lawyers cannot be expected to understand the ins and outs of brain surgery, for example. So they call in an expert witness who does understand brain surgery and can explain things in simple terms to a judge and jury.

The same is true of Google Ads. If you are involved in a case involving Google Ads you will need a Google Ads expert witness, and that would be me, Jason McDonald.

As a Google Ads expert witness, I understand the jargon and terminology surrounding Google Ads and I can unravel it and explain it in simple terms so that a judge and jury can also understand who did or said what, when, where, and how. This is because I am deeply involved in Google Ads and have many clients who need to get the best bang for their buck when advertising online, and so they seek my help to make their advertising super-profitable.

All this means that I know my way around Google Ads (and Bing, Yahoo, and the rest) and I understand the sort of things that can happen. So if you are involved in any sort of lawsuit around online advertising and are in need of a Google Ads expert witness, let’s talk.