Many Facebook Employees Don’t Understand How Facebook Advertising Works

Oh, the irony!

You would think that San Francisco would be full of experts on Facebook! After all, many Facebook workers live in San Francisco and commute down to Mountain View to work at Facebook.Many Facebook employees in San Francisco don’t understand how their advertising works. Of course, nowadays with Covid-19, they might work from home. But as a lawyer or a person seeking an expert on Facebook advertising, you’d be surprised at how little the people who actually work at Facebook know about how advertising works on the platform. The cobbler’s children have no shoes!

To be fair, Facebook advertising is very complicated. They seek to make it as understandable as possible, but somehow don’t manage to succeed.

Yes, you can select from a whole range of different demographics. So, for example, if you are selling tennis shoes and tennis rackets you probably don’t want to advertise them to the over 60’s. If you are selling some form of equity release, then they are probably the very people that you DO want to advertise to, and Facebook makes this kind of discrimination fairly straightforward.

If Facebook Employees Don’t Understand It, What Chance Have You Got?

However, there is a lot more to Facebook advertising than something as simple as that, and if Facebook employees themselves don’t understand a lot of it, what chance have you got? Probably not a lot.

The trouble is that you can lose a small fortune on Facebook advertising simply because you don’t fully understand it either. That is not a criticism, because there is no reason that you should, unless you have been doing it for a very long time. Even if that is the case, Facebook – along with Google, Instagram, Pinterest, and all the rest of the gang – keep changing their algorithms. That is why you need a Facebook expert in San Francisco like me if you want to get the best bang for your buck.

I keep right on top of Facebook and every single little change that it makes, so that I can ensure that my clients don’t pour their advertising spend down the drain – which is very easy to do if you don’t fully understand it.

Equally, if you are a lawyer and defending a case which involves Facebook advertising, you will also need a Facebook expert in San Francisco who can explain all the facts, figures, and little nuances, to a judge and jury who also don’t understand Facebook advertising.

So whether you are an advertiser who needs to get your product or service in front of people who are actually interested in what you are selling, or whether you are involved in any sort of litigation, as a Facebook expert in San Francisco, I can help you.