We All Know of Google, but There Are Things That You Don’t Know

Apart from that old fellow in the Amazon rain forest who was found dead recently, there cannot be anyone else in the world who doesn’t know what Google is. Today, Google and SEO go hand in hand in some respects, because if you want to get to the first page of Google you need to understand SEO (“search engine optimization”). Continue reading

When You Need a Google Ads Expert Witness, It Doesn’t Matter Where They’re Based

Many folks solicit me as a Google Ads expert witness AND they want someone in the Bay Area. As it happens, I have deep connections to the Bay Area, so that’s OK. However, I also get inquiries from people in places far away, and THEY want someone just around the corner as well! Continue reading

Finding an Expert Witness on Trademarks and Online Advertising

Businesses nowadays spend a lot of money on ads online. These might be on Facebook or Instagram, Twitter or TikTok, and of course Google. It’s complicated – the old issues of marketing still apply of course (e.g., your business value proposition) – but there are new, technical issues. Continue reading