WordPress and SEO – Ah, the Future Is Here

Well, it’s June 5, 2014, and I’ve finally upgraded JasonMcDonald.org to WordPress! What do they say? The cobbler’s children have no shoes.  I have been a fan of WordPress for some time now, and let me list the reasons.

WordPress and SEOFirst, WordPress is a CMS (content management system), which allows you to really – well – manage content. So you can have pages and posts, and multiple authors. That allows a lot of flexibility when it comes to website content. Second, WordPress splits the visual design issues of the website from the HMTL coding and the content issues. So your “content people” can create content and your “graphics people” can create graphics.

Third, WordPress has a wealth of plug in’s such as the Yoast plug in for SEO (which I am using here). The plug in for WordPress are phenomenal – plugins for SEO, for social media, and for Google AdWords.  All pretty much at the click of a button, and most with very robust free versions.

Finally, WordPress is a blogging platform, so it makes it easy and fast to blog. I plan to blog more on the site, about SEO, about social media marketing, about AdWords and about the San Francisco Bay Area.

Welcome friends, family and fans to the new and improved JasonMcDonald.org, now coming to you via WordPress!