San Francisco Has a Lot To Learn: Adult Learning Opportunities

San Francisco is a city of learning. I’ve certainly found my niche in “adult learning.” What I like about adult learning is the practicality of it: no babysitting, no students freaking out about grades – just working adults who are trying to better themselves. Technology has made this easier to do with things like lecture capture software teachers and lecturer are able to reach their students who can’t make it to class because of distance or work making those who want to learn able to do so. You know what they say: “Youth is wasted on the young,” and so often I find that my adult learners wish that they had learned Internet marketing at university… but then again, for many of them there was no such thing at the time. There are many resources online that can help with adulting learning such as continuing education seminars. adult-learnersWe’re all in this boat together, learning by doing. One very useful learning opportunity is to try and learn a new language. is one place to do it! Here’s a list of adult learning opportunities in San Francisco –

  • University of California, Berkeley, Extension. Go Bears! I have my Ph.D. from Cal, and remember it fondly… Even better for adult learners UC Berkeley runs a top-notch “continuing studies” program in downtown San Francisco. I am particularly fond of their marketing program – with classes in advertising, SEO, and social media marketing. I don’t teach there, of course, but still it’s a great program and very convenient to downtown San Francisco.
  • BAVC (Bay Area Video Coalition). I do teach a San Francisco SEO class and a class in Social Media Marketing at BAVC’s San Francisco location. What’s great about their programs is that they are one-day crash courses, plus they have a lot of youth activities. BAVC is a “child of the 1960s” and that spirit of learning lives on at this San Francisco institution.
  • AcademyX – AcademyX is a commercial venture, and really specializes in business-oriented adult-learning. I teach both SEO and Social Media Marketing there; their classes are two-day intensives, and more hands-on than BAVC’s given that we have more time.
  • San Francisco State, College of Extended Learning. Their program is pretty weak in Internet marketing, but they have plenty of business programs plus certificate programs in all sorts of technical skills.
  • City College of San Francisco. Their classes are more artsy-craftsy, with classes in subjects like “bicycle repair” or “upholstery.” But you can get a certificate in “wedding planning” and becoming a notary public, etc., so this is a good opportunity for quick, practical training or just fun stuff. You can also learn to be a bartender (note to self: need to take that class).

That’s my round-up of adult learning opportunities in San Francisco. Remember that what one university calls “Continuing Studies” another calls “Extension.” For example, I teach “Marketing Without Money,” and “Personal Branding” at Stanford Continuing Studies. Those classes, of course, focus on SEO and Social Media Marketing, with a Palo Alto location more convenient to people living in San Jose, Fremont, or other South Bay cities. You can learn about my own San Francisco SEO Training or San Francisco Social Media training, or just give me a call or email – and I’ll explain how to learn Internet marketing in San Francisco.