You Don’t Need a Whole Company for SEO. You Just Need an Expert.

Many people look for a San Francisco SEO agency, but they mistakenly think that it requires a “big” company to optimize their website for search engines, when that is not the case at all. What is needed is an SEO expert who gets down in the trenches with them. After all, it is not a group of people who create your web content: it is one individual. Continue reading

Jason McDonald Announces San Francisco Bay Area SEO Training Course

San Francisco, California – June 19, 2017. Jason McDonald, a San Francisco Bay Area expert consultant in SEO and social media marketing at, is proud to announce an exciting summer course to be taught at Stanford Continuing Studies beginning June 28, 2017.  The new course covers both SEO and Social Media Marketing with the first week devoted to SEO and subsequent weeks devoted to social media marketing for small businesses. Continue reading