On Flying SouthWest as an Expert Witness

You know that pop song the talks about never losing your sense of wonder? I think it has something to do about shut up and dance? Well, every time I set foot in an airport, or watch an airplane take off, or land, I try not to lose my sense of wonder. As we take off from one of the San Francisco Bay Area airports, I often tell my kids about how excited I am about air travel, and about how in pioneer days it might have taken someone literally months to cross the United States. Continue reading

The Thrill of Being an SEO Expert Witness

People often ask me why I position myself as an SEO expert witness. Don’t you have enough students in your Bay Area search engine optimization classes? Don’t you make enough money off of your popular SEO books on Amazon? Don’t you have enough adoring fans on your YouTube channel? Don’t you have enough consulting clients that you don’t need to put your finger in the messy pie of legal disputes? Continue reading

Spring 2016 SEO Trainings in San Francisco Announced by Jason McDonald

San Francisco, California – February 18, 2016. Jason McDonald, an SEO expert and provider of Social Media Training and SEO Training in the San Francisco Bay Area at https://www.jasonmcdonald.org/, is proud to announce that he has published his Spring, 2016, calendar of upcoming course offerings in Northern California. A successful author and SEO consultant working in San Francisco, Dr. McDonald maintains a busy teaching schedule assisting Bay Area business and small business marketers in learning tips, tricks, and secrets of search engine optimization and social media marketing. Continue reading