The Bay Area Is Now My Second Home, but I Can Still Help as an Expert Witness

California is the nation’s most populous state. It’s also, arguably, the most litigious. Many lawsuits that touch on “digital” issues are based in the Bay Area. Well, so am I, though I have moved home. But I am personally back in the Bay Area frequently, and now consider it my “second home.” Continue reading

The Bay Area Has Plenty of “Techies” but Very Few Digital Marketing Experts

You’d think that San Francisco would be full of “digital marketing experts”. Well, surprisingly, not exactly. Ironically, many of the workers in San Francisco are technical programmers, software types, and (very wealthy) CEOs. Only a few know not only marketing but also digital marketing: SEO, social media marketing, Google Ads, Facebook ads, Instagram, LinkedIn, and all the rest of the crowd. Continue reading

SEO Is Complicated. So Is Explaining It to a Judge and Jury, but I Can Do That

SEO or search engine optimization isn’t easy. It involves Google. It involves your website. It involves link-building. It has both technical and content-marketing aspects, including link outreach. It’s complicated. But do you know what is more complicated? Taking a technical topic such as SEO and explaining it to a judge and jury in “simple terms” so that they can understand it, too. Continue reading