Social Media Marketing, or SMM, is all about positioning your company or organization as a ‘destination’ of interest on social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+. I think of social media as ‘the party’ and social media marketing as ‘throwing the party,’ and in this class I teach the tips, tricks, in’s, and out’s of throwing great parties across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media. This is a technical class, but we cover the ‘there there’s,’ i.e., the strategy of creating a cohesive, informative and fun environment where your prospects will hang out to become customers, your customers will hang out to become fans, and a few fans will hang out with such a passion that they will become evangelists for your organization.

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Social Media Marketing Topics covered include

Social Media Marketing. The Web has gone social! No longer is a website just a website – it’s a connection point to social media platforms, ranging from Facebook to Twitter to YouTube to Google+ to LinkedIn and beyond. Web marketing and web design must now think in multidimensions. How does a website leverage Twitter? If you Tweet what is the point of it? How can you leverage YouTube videos so that they show up high on the Google search and YouTube search pages, and integrate video with a website to inform, entertain, and stay connected to your audience? This class teaches the basic concepts of social media marketing – the t’s that must be crosssed and i’s dotted to make a website “go social” and integrate with relevant social media platforms.

Class Overview

Introduction: What is Social Media Marketing?

  • Social Media Marketing
  • The Customer Continuum

Facebook Marketing

  • Understanding a Facebook profile vs. a Facebook page
  • Setting up and managing a Facebook page for a business or organization
  • The all-powerful “like”

Google+ Marketing

  • Google+ Local, Google+ Personal, and Google+ Corporate
  • How Google+ intertwines with SEO
  • Getting Your Picture to Show on Google Search Results

Twitter Marketing

  • Twitter is Great. Twitter is not for everyone!
  • Understanding a Tweet: #hashtags and @handles
  • Twitter promotion strategies

LinkedIn Marketing

  • LinkedIn profiles and SEO
  • LinkedIn profiles and six degrees of separation
  • LinkedIn marketing strategies

YouTube Marketing

  • YouTube Videos and SEO
  • Basic Channel Set up and Optimization
  • The three uses of YouTube: Support, Sharing, and Viral
  • Annotations
  • Overlays

Social Media Metrics

  • On each platform: e.g., Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
  • Using Google Analytics

Making a Social Media Marketing Plan