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Free Online SEO Training Class - Introductory Webinar on Search Engine Optimization

Find out about fantastic free SEO tools that you can leverage in your SEO (“Search Engine Optimization”) strategy.

Learn how to get to the top of Google based on simple, hands-on principles such as page tags, website structure, news postings, link strategies and more!


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If Google is critical to your business, don’t miss this free introductory SEO training webinar.

Sneak Peek: Top Ten Free SEO / Google Tools – Webinar Preview

Free SEO Tools – Summary and Agenda

Many people want a quick, online training course on SEO, and so we have responded with our introductory, no obligation, free webinar on the “Top Ten Free Tools” for SEO. Rather than deal with hundreds of questions and answers, we have found most people get their questions answered about the course in this easy, quick online session. It takes less than one hour, and in that hour you will learn –

    • Search Engine Optimization – what is SEO? What are the basic concepts?


    • Keywords – how can you identify your BEST keywords?


    • Free Tools – what FREE tools are out there on the Internet that can help you quickly get to the top of Google?


  • The Course – what will you learn in the entire course, if you decide to proceed?

Our courses fill quickly, so here are links to upcoming available courses. Registration is quick and easy – and no obligation.

– More Details –

Why does a company rank near the top of Google search? How can you get there yourself? What is “Search Engine Optimization?” Pay-per-click advertising? Google AdWords? What about social media like Twitter, MySpace, Youtube, and the like? Even if you already know what they are, how can your company optimize your search engine visibility for free via SEO, paid via pay-per-click, or via social media? If you or your company depends on Google to reach customers, the JM Internet Group’s new webinar training sessions highlight industry “best practices” in quick thirty minute sessions.

If you are a busy marketer, online / web person, and/or business executive, this live webinar training course gives you detailed basics on search engine optimization.

    • FREE: Top Ten Free Tools for SEO


  • Keywords: How to Generate Great Keywords for a Technology B2B Target Customer


  • Page Tags: Boost Your Google Rank and Control Your Description


  • Website Structure: Creating the Best Topology for Google Rank


  • News You Can Use: How to Use News Releases, Blogs, and Other Fresh Content to Spur Web Traffic via Google


  • Link Strategies: The Who, What, Where, When and How of Getting Good Links for SEO


  • Page Rank: Monitoring Your Page Rank by Keywords


  • Metrics: Tools for Measuring Your Website SEO and Performance


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