Books on Internet Marketing

Reading is fundamental. And writing is really hard. Here are my books on Internet marketing.

Silicon Valley SEO & Social Media Training

As an instructor in SEO and Social Media Marketing, I track hundreds of amazing free tools as well as the top-selling and most informative books on SEO.

Note: if you are one of my current or past SEO / Social Media Marketing students (within one year), I provide both workbooks free of charge. Simply email me to request your password (if you have forgotten it!).

  • SEO Fitness Workbook, my latest book on how to do search engine optimization for small businesses and marketers.SEO Books
  • Social Media Marketing Workbook – learn everything from how to ‘party on’ on Social Media as a business marketer to how to market on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest!
  • Job Search and Career-building Workbook – everything about building your personal brand online.
  • The Art of the Deal (er) – my unauthorized expose on Donald Trump’s 23+ principles of marketing, especially social media marketing.
  • Google AdWords Gotchas – learn the five “secret” gotchas lurking in AdWords and how to stop them from wasting your money.
  • My list of SEO books – my favorites for 2017¬†and beyond.
Jason’s Books: Best SEO, AdWords, and Social Media Books, 2016
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