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Instagram Marketing Expert: Think Outside the Facebook
  • SEO Expert Witness – learn about my services as an expert witness in search engine optimization. I can take the complexities of SEO and explain them to judges, jurors, and even (gasp!) attorneys.
  • SEO Speaker – learn about how I can be your next WOW (!) speaker on search engine optimization, whether in San Francisco or at your home office.
  • AdWords Expert Witness – AdWords, of course, is Google’s pay-per-click advertising platform, otherwise known as Google’s fountain of never-ending money. I can take the crazy complexity of AdWords and explain it to normal folk (like you).
  • Social Media Expert Witness – Social Media Marketing, in my view, is like throwing a party. I can explain how to throw a good party, and I can do forensic analysis on good parties gone bad as an expert witness in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram… wow this is a long list.
  • Social Media Speaker – I have done many corporate trainings and workshops on social media marketing. My methodology is fun and “hands on.” Reach out to learn more about hiring me as your next social media speaker or corporate workshop leader. #fun!