A speaker on SEO should do more than just talk. He should enthrall, communicate, and motivate. Hire me as your SEO corporate speaker and your workshop will inspire and amaze.
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Need a dynamic speaker on Search Engine Optimization in San Francisco? Contact me for a quick, free consultation on how I can speak to your group or help out with a corporate workshop on SEO.

SEO Speaker at a corporate workshop on search engine optimizationMost speakers on search engine optimization come from a technical background. They may have a Ph.D. in computer science or job experience working as a computer programmer. The fact is that SEO, like web design, began as a technical skill. The reality today, however, is that it is not only a technical skill but also a marketing skill. Even more importantly, to be a good speaker or to be a good workshop leader is to be a good teacher. SEO is important for a business to get recognized and thrive in this internet climate, then they come to the web page and they want to see something that grabs them and makes them want to stay. Web design is definitely a technical skill and utilizing a business’s resources that specialize in design is important, it all ties in together.

Good vs. Great SEO Corporate Speakers

There are many good speakers on SEO. What makes them good? Well, to be good, they know their technical stuff. They understand On-Page and Off-Page SEO, they grasp the difference between an optimized TITLE tag and a non-optimized, Panda-vulnerable website. They know the importance of links and social mentions. They know the basics. And perhaps they can speak to your group in plain English. They might even know how to wear a tie or speak in concise English. That’s a good speaker on SEO. But what makes a great speaker? Well, a great speaker on search engine optimization brings a personal dynamism and enthusiasm to the task. They know the “technical stuff” but they also know how to work for a crowd, how to communicate the FUN (!) that is SEO, and how to communicate “it’s a game, and here’s how we win.” I can do that. I’m dynamic. Don’t believe me? Check me out on YouTube here.

Call me at +415-655-1071 or email me – I am happy to discuss your SEO corporate speaking or corporate workshop needs for free, no obligation! I have done many workshop and speaking engagements here in San Francisco, but I also travel.

Speaker on SEO – Deliverables:

Many of my SEO consultant deliverables are transferable to the area of being an amazing corporate speaker and workshop leader. I work with companies nation-wide, but often I consult with companies in the San Francisco Bay Area or Silicon Valley companies. Because of the Internet, it doesn’t really matter where your company (or corporate workshop / event) is physically located. What matters is that you want an SEO speaker that has the credentials, the real experience, and the communicative abilities to speak to your audience. I provide professional SEO speaking and workshops based on –

    • Goal Assessment – what are / were the SEO goals? Web traffic? Goals? Inquiries?
    • Keywords – Keywords are the foundation of good Internet marketing and SEO. Understanding the keywords at issue in any lawsuit is of paramount importance.
    • On Page Optimization – on page SEO is the art (and science) of making website “talk” to Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Most businesses leave this up to the best experts available, or wherever the business is located because the experts would know how to format a website in a way that would work well with SEO. In a litigation environment, this means assessing the extent to which a website did, or did not, succeed at this task.
    • Off Page Optimization – off page SEO is largely the building of links to a website but also includes social mentions and social authority. This can range from white hat to gray hat to black hat SEO. I can explain what to do, and what not to do, to stay in the good graces of Google.
    • Metrics – Google analytics and beyond. Today everything is about metrics, including PPC (pay-per-click) or AdWords advertising. Let me explain what mattered (and what doesn’t) in your SEO efforts.
    • Rank – measuring where a site is on Google means measuring the starting point of the customer journey.

I have a complete bio on my professional search engine optimization experience, so please check that out. Any questions? Please contact me as your potential customers are out there searching, today!

SEO Speaker – San Francisco Bay Area – Silicon Valley – San Jose

I work with clients all over the world on their Search Engine Optimization, but many clients prefer to meet face-to-face. If you are not in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, or Silicon Valley California, don’t worry. I work with many companies on their SEO needs over the phone and Internet, using the Zoom video software to consult with you as if I were in your office. I have even done fully digital SEO trainings and corporate workshops. For really large projects, I can even travel! But, that said, if you prefer to meet face to face, and are in the San Francisco Bay Area / San Jose area, we can formulate a workable strategy with me as your SEO speaker at your next corporate workshop or event.