San Francisco is home to Twitter, Yelp, and LinkedIn. Further down the Peninsula, there's Facebook and a little company called Google. Learn Social Media Marketing in San Francisco!
Social Media Marketing Expert Consulting in San Francisco and the Bay Area

Social Media Marketing is all about the conversation. It’s about starting, nurturing, and expanding your relationships with customers and potential customers. But what is Social Media? How do Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogging, and Facebook work together with your total Internet strategy to be successful? I use the framework of “social media is a party” to teach my Bay Area course in Social Media Marketing, taught at Stanford Continuing Studies.

San Francisco Bay Area Social Media Marketing Class

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Note: my San Francisco social media marketing training course is now incorporated in my class at Stanford Continuing Studies course on SEO and social media marketing, entitled “Marketing without Money.”

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Topics covered in the San Francisco social media marketing class include –

Social Media Training Class San Francisco

    • Social Media Marketing Strategy – fitting Social Media into your larger marketing strategy.
    • Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ – the Big Three Social Media Sites, and how to use them for social media marketing.
    • Twitter Marketing – should you Tweet? How does Twitter fit into your Social Media strategy?
    • Local Search / Local SEO – Google Local / Google Places and how local search intertwines with Social Media.
    • YouTube – YouTube’s special relationship with Google, and how Youtube is a true Social Media marketing tool.
    • Blogging and Content Marketing – how to leverage blogs plus build your own ‘Google-friendly’ Blog.
    • Beyond Social Media – miscellaneous but meritorious lesser social media sites and how they can turbo-charge your marketing, including advertising on social media sites.

San Francisco Bay Area Social Media Training – Fun Facts

There are many nearby communities to San Francisco; if you live in one, hop on Bart, Caltrans, Muni or your car and come up or over to SF to learn about Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Places, Yelp, and all those fun social media sites that really mean getting your company free publicity!  San Francisco, of course, is home to Twitter, home to LinkedIn, and further down the Peninsula, Facebook is in Menlo Park, and Google is in Mountain View. So by taking a social media marketing course in San Francisco, you are really taking a training in social media in the “heart” of the beast, or in the heart of San Francisco so to speak.

Famous People From San Francisco

  • Margaret Cho (comedian, actress, writer) – Born in San Francisco, California, in 1968, lived in the Sunset. “I grew up and went to grammar school on Haight Street during the ’70s. There were old hippies, ex-druggies, burnouts from the ’60s, drag queens, and Chinese people.” – Margaret Cho
  • Ansel Adams (photographer, environmentalist) –  Born in SF in 1902, family owned a house in Sea Cliff. “The sound of the surf from Baker Beach…created a yearning tension to get up and go.” – Ansel Adams
  • Maya Angelou (author, poet) – Born in 1928 in Missouri, moved here when she was 13. Her family lived in the Fillmore District of San Francisco. “The city became for me the ideal of what I wanted to be as a grownup. Friendly but never gushing, cool but not frigid or distant, distinguished without the awful stiffness.” – Maya Angelou
  • Joe DiMaggio (baseball player, Hall of Famer) – Born in Martinez in 1914, his family moved to SF a year later. He grew up in North Beach and also lived in the Marina. “At that Powell Street playground wall, he was at the center of everything he knew.” – Richard Ben Kramer
  • Robert Frost (poet)  – Born in Nob Hill (San Francisco, CA) in 1874, lived here until age 11. “I was one of the children told / Some of the blowing dust was gold.” – Robert Frost
    Sam Rockwell (actor) – Born in San Mateo in 1968, grew up here with his father and went to San Francisco School of the Arts with Margaret Cho. Lived in SF 1973–1986. “I had a more unconventional, bohemian kind of thing.” – Sam Rockwell
  • Clint Eastwood (actor, director) – Born in SF in 1930, grew up in the Glenview district of Oakland, just across from San Francisco. Eastwood’s career has consistently brought him back to the Bay, notably in Dirty Harry, Escape from Alcatraz, and Gran Torino.
  • Danny Glover (actor, director, political activist) – Born in SF in 1946, grew up in the Haight, attended George Washington High School in the Richmond and SFSU. “I didn’t go to Woodstock, but I saw Jimi Hendrix at Marx Meadow in San Francisco.” – Danny Glover
  • Jerry Garcia (musician, singer/songwriter for the Grateful Dead) – Born in San Francisco in 1942, lived in the Excelsior until age 11, when the family moved to Menlo Park for three years. “Either you were a hoodlum, or you were a puddle on the sidewalk.” – Jerry Garcia (Source: