Photoshop Training in San Francisco: Learn to Look Your Virtual Best

My friends at AcademyX, 601 S. Montgomery St, in San Francisco are having something new, fun, and sort of exciting: a Photoshop retouching class. For those of us who are more “word” people than “picture” people, the fact that the “to photoshop” actually became a word… well, that’s something of a milestone in and of itself. Sort of like “to photoshop” beats out “to Google” as our whole culture gets more digital.

Photoshop Training in San Francisco, CaliforniaThat said, this intensive class will be held Saturday, March 28, and taught by Kelly McCathran, an expert in Photoshop, and organizer of the “Adobe Creative Cloud Lovers.”

Topics of Intensive San Francisco Photoshop Class

According to the information from AcademyX, topics include:

Rather than having treatments, learn how to use Photoshop to deal with that bump on nose, Take wrinkles or crows feet off in seconds, remove dark circles under the eyes, fix 5 o’clock shadow, remove blemishes and make everyone’s hair bright and shiny (or add hair where needed). This class will show tools that work in all recent versions of Photoshop. Topics covered include:

  • When to use the Healing Brush
  • Spot Healing Brush with Content Aware | NEW to CS5!
  • Using the Liquify tool to “Skinny” People Up (video)
  • Working with the Adjustments Panel
  • Painting in new Eye Color
  • Dodge, Burn & Desaturate tools
  • Using the History Brush to Paint in Corrections
  • Using the Clone Stamp and Clone Source Panel
  • Red Eye Removal and Green/Blue eye removal for pets

To learn more, visit the AcademyX blog. Happy Photoshopping! Here’s a video by Kelly –


Photoshop Training in San Francisco: Learn to Look Your Virtual Best
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