There Can Be Lots of Disputes on Social Media. You Might Find Yourself in Court!

Social media has revolutionized society (!). Not just society. Politics, relationships, children… in some ways, very good, yet in others, very bad. Often there are disputes about trademarks, and sometimes there are just good old forensics: who posted what, when, where, why, and how. Continue reading

If You Are Having Trouble With Instagram Advertising, I Can Help (as an Expert Witness)

Instagram is complicated. It’s not only the hip, cool, social platform favored by the young set. It is also under pressure from TikTok. Until a couple of years ago, hardly anyone had heard of TikTok, but since its’ foundation in 2016 it has accelerated rapidly and is now challenging the Instagram Reels product. Continue reading

You Need Expert Help With Online Advertising – Not an Academic!

Academics at major universities might be clever people. They might even write interesting papers and dissertations on, among other things, online advertising. But let’s be frank. They often have never actually “done” advertising. They don’t have real-world experience, and so their ivory tower credentials can be less than realistic. Continue reading

Jason McDonald Consulting Announces 2023 Google Ads Workbook

San Francisco, California – November 15, 2022. The Jason McDonald Consulting Agency, an agency focused on search engine optimization, social media marketing, and Google Ads, is proud to announce Dr. McDonald’s 2023 “Google Ads Workbook.” The Workbook is a best-seller in the category and helps busy business owners, marketing managers, and advertising types to correctly manage ads not only on Google’s “Search Network” but also on the so-called “Google Display Network” and YouTube.

Continue reading