SEO Is Complex. If You Are in a Court Case, You Will Need Expert Help

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is getting a bit “old school.” It does not have the “sex appeal” of social media marketing. But here’s the reality. For many businesses, SEO has a very high ROI (to throw an acronym at you). In fact, the ROI is about as good as it gets, because there is no “I”! No investment. Except time. Continue reading

The Bay Area Is Now My Second Home, but I Can Still Help as an Expert Witness

California is the nation’s most populous state. It’s also, arguably, the most litigious. Many lawsuits that touch on “digital” issues are based in the Bay Area. Well, so am I, though I have moved home. But I am personally back in the Bay Area frequently, and now consider it my “second home.” Continue reading

Are You a Lawyer Needing an Expert Witness in Online Ads? You Need Jason McDonald

Google is based in Menlo Park, near the Center of the Bay Area. It’s one of the Bay Area’s biggest and most famous companies (along with Facebook (now renamed ‘Meta’), Twitter, Salesforce….). However, if you are a lawyer looking for a Bay Area expert witness in Google, you probably can’t hire a Google employee. Continue reading

When You Need a Google Ads Expert Witness, It Doesn’t Matter Where They’re Based

Many folks solicit me as a Google Ads expert witness AND they want someone in the Bay Area. As it happens, I have deep connections to the Bay Area, so that’s OK. However, I also get inquiries from people in places far away, and THEY want someone just around the corner as well! Continue reading