The AdWords Display Network & AdWords Express: A Horror Story

Recently, a potential client came to me in San Francisco, and she had (unfortunately) decided to set up her own AdWords campaign via AdWords Express.  (This blog post is a bit of a rant). AdWords Express, in case you don’t know about it, is Google’s “easy” (sic) program to “help” (sic) small businesses set up their own advertising on Google. Continue reading

On Flying SouthWest as an Expert Witness

You know that pop song the talks about never losing your sense of wonder? I think it has something to do about shut up and dance? Well, every time I set foot in an airport, or watch an airplane take off, or land, I try not to lose my sense of wonder. As we take off from one of the San Francisco Bay Area airports, I often tell my kids about how excited I am about air travel, and about how in pioneer days it might have taken someone literally months to cross the United States. Continue reading