Forget About Print! Advertising on Social Media Is the Order of the Day

Social media is actually getting old. Facebook was founded in 2004, for instance. All those years ago! Heck, Facebook will be 16 on February 4th – only a couple of weeks away. Think about that: in another couple of years Facebook will have grown up and actually become an adult!social media marketing advertising consultant in San Francisco, CA

I wish!

But whatever your feelings about Facebook, and all the rest of them – Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and the whole gang – the fact is, whether you like it or not, as far as advertising your products and services, social media is where it’s at. It is still seen as the “new” new marketing. When you consider that Facebook alone has 2.45 billion users a month, that’s a lot of people.

20 years ago, if you wanted to advertise you would either use the daily papers, or if your business was more local, your local papers. Today, local papers are dying a death because nobody reads them any more. Why? Because most of the “news” that they provide is a week old when you read it. Online, you can get news the moment it happens. A lot of what you read in the daily papers is a day or two out of date, and you have likely seen it online before they can print it.

Online Advertising Is Where You Need To Be: Google + Social Media Advertising

So, yes, online advertising is where you need to be because that is where your audience is. However, getting social media advertising right is a whole new ball game. This is why you need to use me as your social media marketing consultant in the Bay Area.


Because you can spend a small fortune on advertising on social media and get very little return for your money. In fact, many people lose money on social media advertising for just that reason.

Print is easy. You create an ad, send it to the paper, and they print it on page 5 or whatever. Next week you do the same thing again.

But social media changes by the minute. What about demographics, for instance? If you don’t know about that, you can be in big trouble. That is why you need me as your social media marketing consultant in the Bay Area because I DO understand this stuff. I will make all the difference between pouring money down the drain and getting results. Getting good results and getting them fast.

Let’s face it: that’s all you need. Good results and fast results. You don’t need anything more.

So call me and let’s talk about my becoming your social medial marketing consultant in the Bay Area, as I am for many other businesses. Together we can make it happen!