People Think There Is Only Google for Advertising, but There Are Opportunities Beyond AdWords

When people think of advertising online, they often think Google, Google, Google. But there’s also Facebook, Facebook, Facebook, and Instagram, Instagram, Instagram. I’m an expert on both Google and Facebook / Instagram advertising and can help you find the best online venue for your advertising message. Continue reading

Donald Trump: The Marketer in Chief

Donald Trump is not particularly popular here in San Francisco, or in California as a whole. As I teach my classes around the San Francisco Bay Area, whether in San Francisco or in Palo Alto, I do not encounter many people who are Trump supporters. This may be because those who support Trump are more than a bit intimidated by the political correctness of the Bay Area, or it may be that there just are not that many Trump supporters. Continue reading

Custom Post-it Note Pad Coupons – Our Coupons vs. Their Coupons

(I am working with a client on how to blog, and this blog post is a good example of a keyword-heavy, SEO-friendly blog post about a topic that matters to them).

Marketing today is a challenge. There is so much noise out there – everyone is shouting and everyone all the time. One of the more interesting marketing concepts is to have fun give-aways, of which custom post-it note pads is a great idea. The concept is people come to your office (maybe you’re an attorney or a CPA), and you want to give that potential customer something to remember you by… The marketing idea being when they are back at their own office, they will see your logo on your custom post-it note pad and remember you. Staying “top of mind” is a critical part of marketing.

Why Coupons are Not Always a Great Idea

Custom Post-it Note Pad CouponsEveryone today, however, is on a budget. They are looking for low cost ways to market themselves. So people search Google for things like ‘Custom Post-it Note Pad Coupons‘ seeking the best deal. Here are a number of reasons why coupons may not be such a great idea.

  1. Coupons are a hassle. You have to remember them, and you have to redeem them (even online). However, some websites such as Honey and Deals4Boomers automatically apply coupons to your basket, if they do work on that site of course!
  2. Coupons are often bait-and-switch. Retailers use coupons to bring you into their website or their store, at a low low price, but then over time you find that their price for an item (such as a custom post-it note pad), is actually higher.
  3. Coupons often expire, so by the time you remember to use them, they’re dead and the whole process is just a hassle. So if you decide to get coupons make sure they are the latest online codes.

Finally, remember that your time is money, too, and in business it is often important to work with a business partner that is high quality and efficient.

Why BaslerCo Inc is a Good Choice

We do not offer coupons, because we feel it is more important to offer everday low prices and even more important, high quality customer service for our business partners. So if you are looking for custom post-it note pad coupons, you might remember that your time is money, and by working with us, you’ll save time (which is money) and you’ll have a very high quality outcome. Just email us or call us for a free quote.