Facebook Has Changed Its Name to Meta, so Now I’m a Meta Ads Expert

Facebook has renamed itself Meta, as Zuckerberg is very keen on the so-called metaverse. What used to be Facebook Inc., is now Meta Platforms Inc. This may go down as the dumbest name-change in corporate history.

On the other hand, maybe it’s brilliant. I’m not sure.

The move is a nod to the metaverse, an immersive next-generation version of the Internet that relies heavily on virtual reality technology. If you think of the internet as two-dimensional with words and pictures on a flat screen, the metaverse is three-dimensional and multisensory, and that includes touching. It is virtual reality, so you can go shopping, go to work, play ball games, and so on, just as in real life. Except that it isn’t.

Meta is a Greek word that actually translates as “beyond”, but it also means “after” and “behind”. “Beyond” has a sense of meaning “ahead” as in “San Mateo is north of Redwood City, but San Francisco is further beyond”.

Perhaps Facebook Is Dragging Its Heels?

However, if it also means “after” and “behind”, that could imply that Facebook is dragging its’ heels! Who knows?

What is not in doubt is that Facebook/Meta is still a great place to advertise your business and it will continue to be so. That is if you know how to advertise on Meta. If you don’t know what you are doing, you can lose a small fortune advertising there, because you pay for clicks in the same way that you do on Google Ads. What that means is that Meta – and Google – really couldn’t care less whether the people who click on your ad buy anything from you because they get paid every time you get a click.

That also means that if a visitor doesn’t buy anything from you, then you are losing that money. This is why you need a Meta ads expert like me to ensure that your ad is seen by the right people – and that is those who have some interest in what you are selling. Better still, as a Meta ads expert I can get your ads in front of people who have already made a decision to buy a product or service and are just searching for the place from which to buy it. They have their credit cards in their (virtual) hand!

So, if you are looking to advertise on Meta, I am now a Meta ads expert, although I used to be a Facebook ads expert. In short, the only thing that has changed is the name. I can get you the right sort of clicks so that you get buyers.

If you want to watch something creepy, here’s the official launch video on META from Facebook:

Jason McDonald, Ph.D

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