Most People Think “Organic” Is to Do With Food. But Not When It’s on Facebook

“Organic” on Facebook isn’t just fruits and vegetables grown without using pesticides. While – hey – eating organic food is probably better for you than fruits and vegetables coated with toxic junk, “organic” on Facebook has a meaning in social media marketing: it’s “free” stuff. The stuff you don’t pay for. Continue reading

Facebook (a.ka. Meta) Is Very Big. We All Know That. But Not Everyone Loves It

Facebook – now renamed “META” – isn’t the most popular social media platform. It may be the biggest (still) but few people are like “Yeah! I LOVE Facebook!”. In fact, although a lot of people spend time on Facebook, it is probably fair to say that a lot of people hate it and wouldn’t waste their time on it. It’s the Titanic of social media. It may (slowly) be sinking – if not in users, then in cachet. Continue reading