Facebook Has Now Become ‘Meta,’ but I Still See Myself as a Facebook Ads Expert

Facebook is in a funk. Mark Zuckerberg who is, of course, the CEO, has decided to take the company on a journey into the meta-verse. So, it is now called “Meta” as in “The Metaverse.” But here’s a fun fact: Facebook and Instagram are still the lion’s share of the company’s revenue, and that includes all of their advertising. Continue reading

Are You a Lawyer Needing an Expert Witness in Online Ads? You Need Jason McDonald

Google is based in Menlo Park, near the Center of the Bay Area. It’s one of the Bay Area’s biggest and most famous companies (along with Facebook (now renamed ‘Meta’), Twitter, Salesforce….). However, if you are a lawyer looking for a Bay Area expert witness in Google, you probably can’t hire a Google employee. Continue reading

Facebook (a.ka. Meta) Is Very Big. We All Know That. But Not Everyone Loves It

Facebook – now renamed “META” – isn’t the most popular social media platform. It may be the biggest (still) but few people are like “Yeah! I LOVE Facebook!”. In fact, although a lot of people spend time on Facebook, it is probably fair to say that a lot of people hate it and wouldn’t waste their time on it. It’s the Titanic of social media. It may (slowly) be sinking – if not in users, then in cachet. Continue reading