If You Are an Attorney in Need of a Social Media Expert Witness, Call Me

Social media can mean a lot of things. It can mean ads. It can mean organic. It can even mean explaining how Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube work to laypeople. How would you even describe it?social media expert

At it’s most basic, social media is a series of online platforms where people can talk. Exchange information. Tell little Johnny what the cat got up to this morning. Swap photos. Argue about politics. Share recipes. Showcase their “incredible” lives. And so on. It’s just like meeting up with family and friends except that you do it online instead of jumping in the car and driving to another town. So, it saves fuel, and – yes – you can yatter away on it for hours, if that’s what floats your boat. Many sites like Facebook are like “social scrapbooks,” while others like TikTok are like video cable TV with one zillion channels on 24/7.

If you run a business, you can advertise that business on social media to people who may be interested in whatever it is that you do. Unless you know what you are doing, however, you can also advertise it to a lot of people who have not got the slightest interest in what you do! That’s expensive!

It Can Go Deeper.

But social media can go a lot deeper than that. You can get into arguments with people. Your ads can annoy somebody. People do and say all sorts of horrible things on social media. Trademarks can be infringed, and defamations can happen. (I’m not a lawyer, so I’m using the common sense meaning of those terms). And this can finish up in a court case in some instances. You only have to look at one or two of the famous cases that have gone on for weeks on end in front of a judge and jury in the last few months to see just how nasty things can be. And also end up costing the loser millions of dollars!

Huh? Is that what you want?

Of course not. But it happens.

And these are the sorts of issues that, if you are an attorney acting for one side or the other, mean that you need a social media expert witness. Someone such as me.

Yes, I frequently act as a social media expert witness because I am completely familiar with all of the different platforms, how they operate, what their rules are, and most importantly, as such, I can unravel things such as who said what, when, where, how, and so on. Even more importantly, as a social media expert witness I can explain what happened to a judge a jury. People who don’t understand social media in detail because they have better things to do. But in this instance, people who have to understand what it was all about because they have to come to a decision.

So, if you are an attorney in need of an expert witness in Facebook (or Twitter, or LinkedIn, or TikTok…), let’s meet up and discuss how I can help you win your case.

Jason McDonald, Ph.D

Jason McDonald is a top-rated San Francisco SEO Consultant. His consulting services include search engine optimization consulting, social media marketing consulting, and Google AdWords consulting. Jason's motto as a consultant is that he doesn't do SEO 'for you' but rather he does SEO 'with you.' That goes as well for his social media marketing consultant activities and Google AdWords consultant services. Besides serving clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jason consults with clients in Silicon Valley (San Jose), Oakland and other cities throughout the Bay Area. Beyond the Bay Area, Jason is available as an SEO consultant, Social Media Consultant, and as an expert witness in litigation involving social media marketing, search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising.