Many San Francisco Businesses Think They Need an SEO Company in San Francisco when they need an Expert

It can be confusing, can’t it? Many business-people fall into the trap of thinking that they need a company to help them carry out certain activities, when what they actually need is a person, or perhaps a few people.San Francisco SEO Expert

Think about this: if you need your dog taken for a walk in San Francisco, do you need a company or a person? Have you ever seen a company taking a dog for a walk? Nope. It’s a person who will take your dog for a walk. Yes, that person may work for a company, but when it comes down to basics it’s not the company that will walk the dog. If it was, you could have fifty people all trying to walk your dog at once!

If you need goods collected from your business and delivered to your customer 100 miles away, you might need a transport company. But it is a person who will plan the route and another person who will drive the truck. So that’s two people, but you don’t need a whole company. If you need your bedroom decorated, it is a person who will do it.

You get the idea. So it is with SEO. I, Jason McDonald, run a San Francisco SEO company, but I am one person. There are not even two of us, because I am perfectly competent on my own. It is not as though you need different people to deal with different aspects of SEO in San Francisco if there is one man who knows all of it. So yes, many of my clients refer to as a San Francisco SEO company, but I am one individual. Luckily for you, I DO know everything there is to know about SEO. It’s what I do.

My job has two major aspects when it comes to SEO. First, I have to get your business to the top of Google, Bing, and so on. Equally importantly, I have to keep you there. It’s no good getting to the top of Google this week only to vanish off the face of the earth next week because Google has decided to change its’ algorithms for the second time this month.

So my job is to anticipate what Google is going to do next and make mid-flight corrections so that your business stays where you want it to be. And not just where you want it to be, but where it MUST be.

It doesn’t matter whether you think of me as a San Francisco SEO company or the “SEO guy” – just so long as you stay at the top.