Who is an SEO Guru? Me, You, Everyone? Finding an SEO Expert in the Bay Area

The word “guru” is a Sanskrit term for someone who is a master, guide, teacher, or expert in a particular field. It has long been used in a religious context, but today it is used much more widely, in particular in the field of internet marketing, and anything else to do with the internet. SEO GuruThis is because the internet is an area where technology is involved, and technology requires an expert who understands it all in order to be able to make full use of it.

Just look at all of the terminology that is used – often with the object of making all the people who design the technology look smarter than the rest of us. Mention the letters HTML and the average man in the street only knows that it is a lot of letters, figures, and other bits and pieces that are something to do with computers and websites and that he simply doesn’t understand any of it.

A Guru Is Somebody Who Does Understand It

A guru (female: gurvi) is not necessarily someone who designs all this stuff but can be someone who actually does understand it and knows how to use it to best advantage. Take SEO, for example. The average man knows it is something to do with getting your website seen on Google, but beyond this is clueless. It stands for Search Engine Optimization and what it means is optimizing a website so that Google likes it. If Google likes it, Google will put it on the first page in the search results. That means that a lot of people will see it and click on it to learn more, and the website owner gets a lot of traffic.

Your website NEEDS to be on the first page of Google, because you will miss out on 90% of the potential traffic if it isn’t. In round terms, only 10% of people searching ever go to the second page. 50% of all clicks go to the top three on the first page, so that is where you want to be.

That is why you need an SEO guru in San Francisco such as I, Jason McDonald. In fact, try Googling “SEO guru in San Francisco” and just see for yourself what happens. That is because I have in-depth knowledge of everything SEO and I DO understand all of the terminology which to the man in the street might as well be Greek.

I also know how to craft a website using all the right keywords and put them in the right places, no matter how much competition you have, so that you will always go one better than they do.

If you are looking for an SEO expert in San Francisco, give me a call or click on the email link at the top right.