Jason McDonald, an Expert Witness in SEO, Social Media Marketing, and AdWords, Announces New Listings

San Francisco, California – July 2, 2018. Jason McDonald, an expert witness working in SEO, Social Media Marketing, and AdWords, is proud to announce new listings in several directories. The directory listings are an important part of Internet outreach so that busy attorneys can locate Dr. McDonald when searching for an expert witness in digital marketing.San Francisco Bay Area Social Media Training

“Ironically, being findable on the Internet is a key part of proving my marketing savvy as an Internet expert witness,” explained Dr. McDonald, Director of the Jason McDonald SEO Consulting Agency. “Many attorneys will search for an SEO expert witness, for example, discover my rank on Google and then ask me why I am an expert in SEO. After a short pause, they realize that the answer to their question is in their Internet search to begin with.”

Persons interested in viewing the new directory listings can visit the following links:

1) The Bay Area Independent Publishers Association at https://www.baipa.org/profile/425/
2) SEAK Experts Directory at https://www.seakexperts.com/members/11579-jason-mcdonald
3) Experts.com at https://www.experts.com/Consultants/Search-Engine-Optimization-Consultant-Jason-McDonald
4) Jurispro at https://www.jurispro.com/expert/jason-mcdonald-4644
5) Witness Directory at https://witnessdirectory.com/jasonmcdonald


Jason has a long history in Internet marketing. He received his Ph.D. from the University of California in 1992 and began working in media in San Jose, California. In 1994, he founded eg3.com, one of the first Internet portals for embedded systems engineers. By 2008, Jason had returned to teaching, teaching in San Francisco at AcademyX, the Bay Area Video Coalition, and Stanford University Continuing Studies. Between teaching and books, he has a passion for taking complex topics and making them easy-to-understand for average small business owners and marketers.

Dr. McDonald has conducted many corporate workshops and trainings, plus several thousand one-on-one sessions for individuals who read his books or take his classes and want extra help getting their websites to the top of Google, or positioning their social media marketing as best-in-class. In addition to teaching and books in SEO, Social Media Marketing, and AdWords, Dr. McDonald has been an expert witness in litigation, including in both federal and state courts.


Jason McDonald is director of The JM Internet Group, a leading online training company. He received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1992, and now both teaches and consults to San Francisco Bay Area businesses in SEO, Social Media Marketing, and AdWords. In addition to those services, he has been recognized as an expert witness in litigation on Internet marketing. He has several popular books on Amazon on the topic of Internet marketing.

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