You Need an Expert to Explain Google to a Judge and Jury

Judges and jurors may use Google, but they don’t understand it. They might think it’s “magic” why one company (and not another) is at the top of Google when the next company in exactly the same line of business is buried away somewhere on page nine. If you think about it, you – the reader – are probably much the same. Only an expert can explain Google to a judge and juryYou know it’s something to do with SEO – whatever that might be – but that’s about as far as it goes. Let’s face it: if you don’t understand it any more than that, how could you possibly explain it to someone else?

However, the problem you have – if you are engaged in a lawsuit about online advertising and Google – is that you DO need to explain it to the judge and jury in simple words that they CAN understand in order to make your case. It doesn’t matter which side of the case you are on – prosecuting or defending – you need an SEO expert witness who does understand all the ramifications and not only understands them but can put it into simple language.

They Don’t Tell Me What They Are Going To Want Next Week

Here’s another thing: even an SEO expert witness like myself is not on “best friend” terms with Google. They don’t tell me – or anyone else – what it is that they are going to want next week. They are constantly making changes to their requirements and algorithms which is precisely why a company can be on the top of page 1 one day and have vanished from sight the next.

As an expert in SEO, I keep my clients at the top of Google by figuring out what it is that Google is going to do or want next week and making the appropriate changes to the client’s website so that it still appears as Google wants it to after the algorithm changes. That, as you might guess, is not the easiest of tasks but it is what I do and what I have to do in order to get the results that the client wants.

What it all really means is that I have to constantly be one step ahead of Google and figure out what they are likely to do before they do it so that I can adjust the client’s website accordingly.

This is also why you need me as an SEO expert witness if you are engaged in any sort of lawsuit involving Google – or any of the others such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and the rest. I can get you results when you want to advertise, and I can get you results in court as well.