More and More Advertising on Google Means More Litigation

Google Ads is expanding rapidly. It makes sense, because more and more people are shopping online these days and businesses need to be where the customers can find them. The increase in Google Ads has also increased court cases.But a side effect of all this advertising is that there is more and more litigation occurring, with one company suing another one for supposed trade descriptions offenses, copyright, unfair pricing structures – you name it, it seems as though they’ll find some way of suing you for it.

Let’s face it, if company (a) thinks that company (b) has done something which has cost it ½ a million dollars in lost sales, it may very well be worth their while to sue for it. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they will win: very often the only winners in these big cases are the lawyers because so much is spent on legal fees and costs that whoever wins probably doesn’t get much benefit at the end of the day. Nonetheless, that doesn’t seem to prevent them from suing, and the lawyers aren’t going to turn down the fees.

That Often Means You Need An Expert Witness

However, all this litigation over ads that appear online means that you will very often need a Google Ads expert witness – whether you are suing or being sued. This is because the terminology and use of AdWords can get very complicated. Not the least of the problems is that people go looking for a Google AdWords expert witness when they should be looking for a Google Ads expert witness. Fortunately, I happen to be both. All that happened is that about 18 months ago, Google changed the name of their advertising from AdWords to Google Ads and many people haven’t realized that. It doesn’t matter, because they are both the same thing, but it may well matter in a court case.

Another thing is that these cases can take a long time to come to court. So if you are involved in a case that is more than 18 months old it involves AdWords and if it’s less than that it’s Google Ads. Yes, it’s just a semantic name change…

There is a lot connected with Google Ads which is why people hire me not just as an expert witness, but to help them with their online advertising. You obviously want to get the best bang for your buck, and that means knowing when to place an ad, where to place it, how much to bid for clicks, and a whole lot more. It is absolutely crucial to get this right because if you don’t you can end up spending a small fortune for very little result. Google doesn’t care whether you make money or don’t make money: they are charging you for the click, so the more clicks you get, the better, as far as they are concerned.

As an advertiser, you not only need the clicks, but you need those clicks to take some sort of action. That’s where I come in.

And if you are suing or being sued and need an AdWords expert witness, I can help with that too.