The Bay Area Is Now My Second Home, but I Can Still Help as an Expert Witness

California is the nation’s most populous state. It’s also, arguably, the most litigious. Many lawsuits that touch on “digital” issues are based in the Bay Area. Well, so am I, though I have moved home. But I am personally back in the Bay Area frequently, and now consider it my “second home.”San Francisco Bay Area

What this means for you is that I can still help you in legal cases as a California-based expert witness when it comes to matters of SEO and claims about copyright and so on.

As with many things, anything to do with computers and digital issues has its’ own “language” which it is not given to the rest of us to understand. Just the letters “SEO” are enough to confuse many people, but even if you explain that they stand for Search Engine Optimization, a lot of people will still have a blank look on their face.

Then, of course, there is on-page SEO and off-page SEO, title tags, meta descriptions, KPIs, keywords, analytics, social media, link-building, and more. It is hardly surprising that the man in the street can easily become totally confused, and that includes a judge and the members of a jury – the jury intentionally being composed of the man (and woman) in the street. Some may possibly have a certain amount of understanding, but in order to come to a decision in a legal case, the jury has to fully understand everything that is involved.

That Is Why You Need An Expert Witness

That is why you need a California-based expert witness – i.e. myself – who can explain all this high-tech stuff to a judge and jury in language that they can understand. Another way of looking at it would be to say that what I do is similar in that sense to translating something from, say, Hindustani, into English.

Your jury members may be able to translate some Hindustani words into English if they have a relative translation book to hand, but it then becomes necessary to turn those words into a sentence or sentences that make sense. Only then will the light bulb turn on so that they can understand what actually happened in a given situation.

That is what I do in relation to digital issues. It is why I am also an expert when it comes to advertising online. If you don’t know what you are doing when paying for clicks on Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Ads, Facebook, and so on, you can spend an absolute fortune without getting any results. I can design your ads so that you get the results that you need.

So, if you need a California-based expert witness, or help with online advertising, give me a call.