The More Online Advertising There Is, the More Experts Are Needed

There is no doubt that advertising on the Internet is on the increase, and now that so many more people are working from home it isn’t going to slow down any time just yet. As online advertising disputes increase, you may need an expert witnessMany people are in lockdown, and millions have lost their jobs and are searching for a way of making a living on their laptops and tablets. The world has changed – and very rapidly. We have never seen anything like this in our lifetimes.

However, what isn’t going to change is litigation. With the internet has come an increase in lawsuits because there is so much more room for things to go wrong and for the rumour to spread. Somebody only has to say something bad about a person or a business online and before you know it everybody is reading about it.

Take the case only the other day of President Trump making a suggestion that perhaps we could inject disinfectant in order to tackle Covid-19 (which he then hastily backtracked by saying that he said it tongue in cheek). Within a couple of hours, his comments had spread across the world, with people saying: “Have you seen what Trump just said?” Just possibly there is some tribe in the middle of the Amazon that hasn’t heard about it, but everyone else has.

His comments immediately forced the manufacturers to put out a statement to the effect that nobody should ever dream of doing any such thing.

Nobody Is Going To Sue Trump, But They Might Sue You

All right, nobody is going to sue Trump over his remarks, but they do serve to illustrate just how fast things travel on the internet. Somebody only has to make a false statement about a company or an individual such as a celebrity, and it goes everywhere. This is forcing more and more businesses to start litigation for loss of reputation, loss of custom, and more.

Unfortunately, the internet is complicated, and when it comes to matters of SEO, even more so. If you are on the receiving end of a lawsuit, or about to commence one, you need an online advertising expert witness to help you.

The point is that because things are complicated and beyond the understanding of the average man in the street, an online advertising expert witness is somebody who can explain things to a judge and jury in simple terms that they can understand. After all, a jury is composed of the average man and woman in the street, and even a judge cannot be expected to understand all of the “tech stuff” that abounds.

So if you do need an online advertising expert witness, then I’m your man. I have in-depth knowledge of the internet and all its’ workings, and I can explain it in simple terms that will make it clear to anyone.