I Can Help You if You Need an Expert Witness for Digital Advertising

Digital advertising can mean different things to different people. It can mean advertising on Google Ads. It can mean ads on Facebook. And it can mean on other platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn or Instagram. It can mean advertising on your own website. It can even mean the use of email. It is all advertising.digital advertising

Unfortunately, the way that the world is going, there is more and more litigation occurring as a result of digital advertising, and this is for a variety of reasons. Company A may think that Company B is copying it’s product when it shouldn’t. Or that it is undercutting prices to try and put it out of business so that there is then no competition. Or that it’s advertising is meant to harm it as a business. The list goes on.

You May Have No Idea Of The Existence Of Another Business

Part of the problem is that, if you are a business that is advertising online, you may have no idea that a similar business even exists, let alone has similar products. The first you might hear of it is when you get a letter from that company’s lawyers telling you to stop doing this or that, when you didn’t even know anything about it. That company could be 2,000 miles away, or even in a different country.

Now if it was a physical business, you might both well carry happily on in your respective areas and still never know that other one existed. However, when it comes to the internet, physical distance suddenly has no meaning at all. You are up there for everybody to see at the click of a mouse. Of course, in some respects that is a good thing because it widens your prospective customer base. But it is not a good thing if someone suddenly takes offence, and you find yourself in court.

Now you have another problem, and that is that judges and juries, and for that matter other lawyers, are usually not all that technical and they don’t understand the jargon and the tech side of online advertising. That is why you may well require me as a digital advertising expert witness.

I have been using online advertising for years, and I understand all the technical aspects of it. But better still, as a digital advertising expert witness, I can explain things in simple language to a judge, jury, and opposing counsel in words which they can understand.

Let’s face it: they need to be able to understand all the ins and outs of the case if they are to come to a judgment, and you want that judgment to be in your favor. That is why you may need me as your digital advertising expert witness.

Jason McDonald, Ph.D

Jason McDonald is a top-rated San Francisco SEO Consultant. His consulting services include search engine optimization consulting, social media marketing consulting, and Google AdWords consulting. Jason's motto as a consultant is that he doesn't do SEO 'for you' but rather he does SEO 'with you.' That goes as well for his social media marketing consultant activities and Google AdWords consultant services. Besides serving clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jason consults with clients in Silicon Valley (San Jose), Oakland and other cities throughout the Bay Area. Beyond the Bay Area, Jason is available as an SEO consultant, Social Media Consultant, and as an expert witness in litigation involving social media marketing, search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising.