If You Want to Know If I’m Good at SEO, Remember How You Found a San Francisco SEO Expert

Every business wants to be at the top of Google because it’s free advertising. What’s more, if your business is at the top of Google, or at least in the top three search results, that’s good because 50% of all clicks go to the top three. San Francisco, CaliforniaWarning: At the very least you need to be on the first page of Google because only 10% of people searching for anything ever go on to page 2! And if you are on page 3 or lower you might as well not exist, because nobody will ever find you.

Here is something else that you may not know, and that is that there is more and more litigation going on because of the way people advertise on Google. And it can get very tricky because Company A may get angry with Company B because of the way Company B has advertised something and Company A believes it infringes their copyright of a logo or a slogan or something else, and yet Company B may not even have ever heard of Company A.

So, then the lawyers get called in and need to start finding an expert witness who can argue the case for their client – whether that’s Company A or Company B.

How Do You Find An Expert Witness?

How do you go about finding an expert witness for online advertising litigation? Simple: you search on Google for something such as “SEO expert witness in San Francisco” and guess what? That is where you will find me – Jason McDonald – right up there in the number one spot, for the simple reason that I am an expert in SEO and also an expert witness in cases involving online advertising. In fact, I am an expert witness in anything that goes on online because I understand all of the technicalities that are involved in web design, domain names, social media, Google ads, blog posts, and so on.

Most importantly, when you are finding an expert witness, I can explain all this technical “jargon” to a judge and jury in simple language so that they can understand what it is all about. This is absolutely critical because they are going to have to make decisions, and that is somewhat difficult if they don’t really understand everything. So, I can explain meta description tags, title tags, on page SEO, off page SEO, link building, KPIs, Google analytics, and all the rest of it, so that they can understand.

So, if you are an attorney looking for an SEO expert witness for your client, I’m your man.

Jason McDonald, Ph.D

Jason McDonald is a top-rated San Francisco SEO Consultant. His consulting services include search engine optimization consulting, social media marketing consulting, and Google AdWords consulting. Jason's motto as a consultant is that he doesn't do SEO 'for you' but rather he does SEO 'with you.' That goes as well for his social media marketing consultant activities and Google AdWords consultant services. Besides serving clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jason consults with clients in Silicon Valley (San Jose), Oakland and other cities throughout the Bay Area. Beyond the Bay Area, Jason is available as an SEO consultant, Social Media Consultant, and as an expert witness in litigation involving social media marketing, search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising.