I Am a Google Ads Expert Witness, Although I Am Definitely Not an Attorney

OK, full disclosure. I am Jason McDonald. That is who I am, but I am NOT an attorney. That’s not my role in any litigation. But I know enough about trademarks to opine on the facts of how Google Ads can be used and in what sense it may create an infringement in trademark at least a factual basis.Jason McDonald: a Google ads expert witness but not an attorney.

And this is why you may need me as a Google Ads expert witness if you are engaged, or likely to become engaged, in any sort of litigation relating to trademarks and the possibility of infringement of those trademarks.

Just to begin with, an expert witness on Google Ads – and not just Google, but Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, and all the rest of them – needs to have personal experience of placing ads on behalf of clients, or placing them on behalf of himself (which I do) over a long period, so that he has the knowledge of all of the different areas such as ad spend, bidding, CPC, PPC, keywords (broad keywords, long-tail keywords, exact match, phrase, and so on), search network, display network, and YouTube advertising as well. All of which I do.

Explaining In Simple English for Judges, Juries, and Lawyers

Possibly even more importantly, an expert witness on Google Ads needs to have experience of standing up in court and explaining all this complex stuff to a judge and jury in simple English so that they can understand it too. How could they possibly come to an appropriate decision if they don’t follow what it is all about? That requires experience of appearing in either a federal court or a state court and having the “nous” to be able to do this without being deterred by the fact that it is a legal trial. Both of which I have. Appearing in court really has no effect on me. I could just as well be explaining the same thing to you in your home or office.

I work with clients not just in San Francisco as an expert witness on Google Ads, but throughout the whole of California and the US, and in other countries as well. Since we have the internet, I can connect with you as though I was in your office on Zoom, GotoWebinar, Skype, and so on.

So, if you are engaged in any sort of litigation, I can appear on your behalf – or if you are an attorney (which I am not) on behalf of your client – in order to provide expert evidence and above all explain it to the judge and jury and opposing counsel in simple terms that they can understand.

Jason McDonald, Ph.D

Jason McDonald is a top-rated San Francisco SEO Consultant. His consulting services include search engine optimization consulting, social media marketing consulting, and Google AdWords consulting. Jason's motto as a consultant is that he doesn't do SEO 'for you' but rather he does SEO 'with you.' That goes as well for his social media marketing consultant activities and Google AdWords consultant services. Besides serving clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jason consults with clients in Silicon Valley (San Jose), Oakland and other cities throughout the Bay Area. Beyond the Bay Area, Jason is available as an SEO consultant, Social Media Consultant, and as an expert witness in litigation involving social media marketing, search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising.