Strangely, Many Google Employees Are No Good at Google Ads, but I Am

San Francisco is nearly ground zero for Google. Actually, that would be Mountain View. But – ironically – there aren’t many Googlers who are experts in Google Ads. They’re very narrow in terms of how they are “educated” at Google, and while they may know the technical details of Google Ads, most of them have never actually run ads. Well, they wouldn’t, would they?You need an expert like me to make Google Ads work well.

But I do run Google Ads not just for me but for my clients. I have been running advertising on Google for all sorts of different clients for years, back in the day when they called them AdWords. In fact, I am so “au fait” with Google Ads that I am often called as a Google Ads expert witness in cases where it is necessary to explain all the difficult facts so that a judge and jury can understand them.

As a Google Ads expert in San Francisco, I can help you with your advertising on Google no matter where you may be. I work with companies nationwide, and some overseas as well, and I can set up and run your Google Ads advertising so that you achieve what you want to achieve rather than just pouring money into Google’s pockets. Let me assure you unless you really know what you are doing with PPC advertising, it is very easy to get a whole load of clicks for which you are paying without getting the results that you want.

Not Just Keywords – Buying Keywords

One of the most important factors is keywords. I can work with you to determine not just keywords, but “buying” keywords – the words that customers use when they have done the research to find out what they need and are now in a position where they are ready to go ahead and spend the money. Those are the sort of clicks that you want.

I can also help you with bidding on keywords. As I have said before, it is not just a question of putting in the highest bid, but bidding right, and that is the way that I work as a Google Ads expert in San Francisco.

Then there is the question of your landing pages. Once somebody has clicked on your ad you need to direct them to your landing page, and that will be make or break as far as getting them to do what you want is concerned, whether that is buying your product or service, joining your list, or whatever else it is that you want them to do. As a Google Ads expert in San Francisco, I will see to it that your advertising efforts pay off.